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In the fifteen years since Emirates Oil Capital took ownership of Manchester City in 2008, Manchester City have become the strongest team in the Premier League. Having won the Premier League seven times in the last twelve seasons and the first ever Champions League trophy last season, as well as completing a treble in the Premier League, City have become a deserving powerhouse and are heading for even higher honors under the leadership of Pep Guardiola.

At 52, City boss Pep Guardiola is the world’s No. 1 coach and has honors written all over his resume. Guardiola began his coaching career in the same year that Sheikh Mansour became the owner of Manchester City, and although he has only left his footprints in Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Manchester City, he has won a large number of honors at each of the clubs he has coached, and has won two of the “Triple Crowns” alone, and the results of his education have been countless.

Although every year “money”, but Manchester City this season’s lineup to maintain stability, in the transfer market also remain restrained. In the face of the outstanding captain Kylian left the team to join Barcelona in free agency, Mahrez went to Saudi Arabia, the reality of the gold rush, the city only introduced Kovacic as a supplement, and did not panic too much. Despite losing out to Arsenal in the battle for Rice, City’s deal to bring in RB Leipzig center back Gwadior for a world-record €90 million was met with applause. With City’s current squad and Pep Guardiola’s coaching, the Blue Moon will remain the biggest favorite to win the title in all competitions next season.

Arsenal’s Recruitment and Recruitment Efforts to Turn the Tide

After N years of tight days, Arsenal finally realized a real eyebrow-raising in the transfer market this summer: 75 million euros to buy Havertz, 116 million euros to sign Rice, 40 million euros to introduce Timberlake, and the main transfer out of only hope to return to the Bundesliga’s Zaca, the net transfer expenditures reached about 210 million euros.

Arteta’s determination to break bread with his mentor Pep Guardiola again has been made clear. Can beat Manchester City on the field is not yet known, but after this operation, Arsenal in the total value of the players has been close to Manchester City – has reached 1.2 billion euros, in the Premier League 20 teams just below Manchester City’s 1.24 billion euros, than the third-ranked Chelsea (940 million euros) is a notch higher.

Personnel-wise, City are in better shape than Arsenal. Apart from Gwadior, who has just joined the club and is unavailable, City only have De Bruyne, who was injured in the Champions League final, still recovering, although Guardiola has also admitted in previous interviews that “Kevin is about to return”. Arsenal have Zinchenko, Jesus, Martinelli and Elneny out with injuries, but the good news is that the new recruits are all healthy and will be able to play in this match.

Both teams have had some ups and downs in their warm-up matches, with City beating Bayern and then losing to Atletico Madrid, while Arsenal beat Barcelona by a large margin and then beat Monaco on penalties in the Emirates Cup. In terms of history, there is a rare lopsided situation in the strongest dialog – Manchester City in the last 20 direct dialogue with Arsenal recorded 16 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses. With such a huge psychological advantage for City, Arsenal will not be able to take advantage of the fact that the team is not yet in place.

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