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The current “00” generation has ideas, goals, and dare to do it. They have infinite vitality and unlimited opportunities and possibilities.The trend of the times is rolling forward. For the generation of “00”, in addition to the need to bless the courage, it is also necessary to master a skill to help your future development.Beijing eight -dimensional education keeps pace with the times, follows the trend of the development of the times, cultivates students’ growth thinking, and creates workplace elites.

Outstanding sociologist Benjamin Berber once said, “I will not divide the world into weaker or strong, or success and failure. I will divide the world into good scholars and bad scholars.” In fact, there are many lows in the Internet industry.Education talents, such as Li Xiang, founder of, Huang Zhang, founder of Meizu mobile phone, and Chairman of Meitu Xiuxiu Cai Wensheng, etc., are all successful industry elites.

Many times, we always think that we cannot, things that are impossible, and those who are like ourselves are not as good as ourselves.They are not better than you, but because they will not have limited life for their lives.

Beijing eight -dimensional education cultivates high -quality talents

If any industry or position, if you want to achieve a top level, you must learn through systematic to achieve growth.Today, the division of jobs is getting more and more detailed, and the requirements are getting higher and higher. Many professionals need systematically knowledge systems and technologies to support.

Beijing eight -dimensional education teaching mode is advanced

The fifteenth majors of the Eight -dimensional Education include artificial intelligence, big data, the Internet of Things, Internet operation management, architecture, etc., which can meet the learning needs of different students.If you have strict logic and like to study technology, you can learn cloud computing, big data, full stack development, etc.; If you are good at creative work, you can learn Internet operations, short video editing, e -commerce operations, etc., explore more possibilities;If you want to make a design, you can also learn UI, UX, indoor design, etc. with the teacher, there is always one for you.

Beijing eight -dimensional education teachers are strong

As a leader in Internet vocational education, Eight -dimensional Education has always adhered to the model of integration of production and education and school -enterprise cooperation. Every year, teachers are sent to enterprises to investigate or travel to study, understand the content and core of the cutting -edge projects, and update the curriculum system for one year.In the course, the introduction of hot technology and standards for enterprises, continuously broadening teachers’ vision and skills boundaries. By tracking the training progress of the project manager, it ensures the learning effect of students, thereby laid a solid foundation for high -quality employment.

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