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Bristol City Council has been ranked joint seventh out of a list of 182 councils in the UK for achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions. The news comes on the fifth anniversary of the council’s declaration of a climate emergency.

The list was produced by Climate Emergency UK, an organization that supports councils and activists with data and resources for climate action. Their Climate Action Scorecard analyzes and compares actions taken by local councils in response to the climate crisis.

Bristol City Council makes significant progress on climate action

The top seven include several London boroughs, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Bath.

“Over the last few years we have seen significant improvements in climate action across the city,” said Katie Grant, Joint Shadow Cabinet Member for Climate and Ecology.

“As the largest group on the City Council, the Greens have been pushing for stronger commitments to emissions reductions, carbon accounting and targets, building climate resilience and protecting the city’s habitats and biodiversity.”

“The Council also has a tireless team of experts to thank for achieving some significant step changes in delivering on these commitments.”

The scorecard shows that there are key areas where more can be done to build sustainability in the city, such as transport and biodiversity.

Carla Daniels, Joint Shadow Cabinet Member for Climate and Ecology, Councillor Candidate for Bristol Central and National Co-Leader of the Green Party, said, “After May 2024, in the new Co-operative Council system, Bristol’s Green Councillors’ Group intends to carry out climate action on transport, including the implementation of the Workplace Parking Levy, improving routes for walking and cycling, improving the Bristol’s public transport network, including bus franchises. safer streets around schools and a faster roll-out of electric vehicle charging points.”

“The Green Party has been working hard to ensure that new Local Plans contain higher standards to address hidden carbon and sustainable energy use in new buildings.”

Councillor Daniels has announced that she will not be standing for re-election as a Clifton Down councillor at the May 2024 local elections in order to focus on her efforts to become Bristol’s first Green Party councillor. The new constituency she is running for, Bristol Central, includes Clifton Down in its catchment area.

The Bristol Green Party is in the process of selecting a new candidate for this local council seat, and after winning two by-elections this year, the party is in a good position to win majority control of the council after the May election.

The party said a Green-led 2024 city council would accelerate commitments made in the Ecological Emergency Action Plan, including managing more green space for nature.

Grant added: “Bristol has a commendable profile as a city with climate ambitions. Now we need to ensure measurable action in all areas of city life.”

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