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Spring is here, and the heart of weight loss starts to move, but it is very late every day, I really don’t want to run the gym away from the long distance.
Don’t worry, introduce you to a kind of young and old, low technical content, no need to go to the gym, no time, and the effect of significant effects, that is: skipping rope.
How high is the exercise efficiency of skipping rope?
Quickly skip rope for 10 minutes jogging for 23 minutes;
Mid -speed skipping 10 -minute jogging 15 minutes.
Compared to jogging, jumping rope can only start with a jump -rope and a pair of feet.In daily life, you can exercise almost anytime, anywhere.
Nowadays, everyone is sitting for a long time every day, and the amount of exercise is far from enough. In the “Dietary Guide of Chinese Residents”, it is recommended that each adult takes at least 6000 steps a day.
If you have no time, what should I do if I can’t go so much?As long as the rope skipping is 3 minutes, it is equivalent to 1,000 steps.
When you convert this, you only need to skip the rope for 18 minutes a day, and your exercise can reach the standard.
Skipping rope is not only high -efficiency, but also good for the body.
Don’t underestimate a simple jumping action.
When jumping, your body overcome gravity, you can exercise to the legs of the legs, exercise strength and endurance.
Moreover, because of the high efficiency of exercise, it is a high -intensity exercise, which can exercise the lung respiratory function, the transportation function of the cardiovascular and cardiovascular pumping blood function -that is, cardiopulmonary function!
Skipping rope can be said to be an affordable way to exercise cardiopulmonary function.
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However, every time you jump and fall, more or less will impact your knees.
When some people skip the rope, their hands and feet are not coordinated. In order to prevent the rope from being tripped, the jump is very large, so it is very difficult, and the subsequent physical strength is difficult to persist.
Some people are stiff when they land on the ground. There is no room for knee buffering, which can easily cause joint injury …
This is actually due to the incorrect jumping posture during exercise, or the muscle strength advantages are different. Many friends are dismissed by knee damage and thickened calves.
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So how important it is to jump rope correctly!Choosing the right equipment is also extremely important!
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