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  China News Network, Guangzhou, March 26 (Reporter Cai Minjie) “Many eye diseases are closely related to systemic diseases, especially chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension in the crowd.Blind. “Ge Jian, a professor at Zhongshan Eye Center at Sun Yat -sen University, said at the 7th Yixian Eye Forum recently held.

Zhang Liang said that patients with diabetes and hypertension may have retinal venous obstruction.Photo by Wang Puxuan

  Diabetes and hypertension of high incidence of chronic diseases often affect the bottom blood vessels.Zhang Liang, chief physician of the Department of Ophthalmology of the People’s Hospital of Guangdong Province, said that patients with diabetes and hypertension may have retinal venous obstruction, commonly known as “eye stroke”, showing a sudden, severe, painless vision decrease, and it can appear to look at things and deformation.If not treated in time, it may cause blindness.

  ”Diabetes, hypertension patients’ eye lesions, early symptoms are not obvious. When symptoms such as visual decline occur, irreversible damage to eye health. Therefore, diabetic patients and hypertension are necessary to check the bottom of the eyes regularly.” Guangdong Medical Association Ophthalmology DepartmentLan Yuqing, director of the Department of Eye and Systemic Diseases and Director of Ophthalmology at Sun Yixian Memorial Hospital of Sun Yat -sen University, said.

  In addition to common hypertension and diabetes, other systemic diseases can cause eye diseases. For example, hyperthyroidism can cause eyelid retracting, width of the eyelid fissure, excessive eyeball, inclined eye position, and even corneal ulceration.For example, systemic lupus erythematosus can cause dry eye, retinal vasculitis, optic neuritis, choroiditis, scleraitis, etc.

  Fisen Lei, chief physician of the Department of Ophthalmology, Guangdong Provincial People’s Hospital, and the director of the Department of Clared Eye Department of the Pripuri Ophthalmology Hospital of Guangzhou Province, said that dry eyes are caused by various reasons such as environmental, systemic diseases, local eye, and lifestyle.Lupus erythematosus, drying syndrome, and transplantation of the host disease, etc., can cause dry eyes. Only by clarifying the cause can dry eyes be effectively controlled.

Professor Fei Wenlei interpreted the Consensus of China Experts.Photo by Wang Puxuan

  It is understood that patients with dry eyes will have a sense of dryness, burning sensation, foreign body sensation, acupuncture, itchy eyes, light, bright, blurred vision, visual volatility, etc.Dry eye has become a common ophthalmology problem for modern people.

  Fei Wenlei introduced that there is a thin protective layer in front of the cornea -the tear film, which is divided into three layers from the outside to the inside, which are lipid layers, water liquid layers and adhesive protein layers.When the tear membrane is imbalanced, it will cause dry eye.In addition, some factors in the micro -environment of the eye surface cause the lesion that it cannot maintain a balance, and it is also prone to dry eyes.

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