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After years of debate, college football teams will be allowed to test communication devices installed for quarterbacks during this year’s bowl season.The NCAA Football Rules Committee approved the use of these devices in non-College Football Playoff bowl games in hopes of improving communication between coaches and players on the field.

The exact type and number of communication devices that will be used has not yet been determined, and complete details will not be available until after the Dec. 3 bowl game is finalized. The trial period will provide valuable insight into the potential pros and cons of using these devices in college football.

College Football Teams Ready to Test Installed Communication Devices in Bowl Games

The discussion surrounding communication tools has intensified in recent weeks, especially in light of the University of Michigan’s alleged involvement in a signal-stealing campaign. The scandal has raised concerns about the fairness of the game and prompted calls for stricter protocols to prevent unfair advantage.

Prominent coaches such as Nick Saban and Brian Kelly have voiced support for communication protocols similar to those used by the NFL. They believe that these devices could improve player safety and decision-making on the field.

The upcoming bowl season will serve as a testing ground for the installation of communication devices in college football, and the NCAA will be watching the results of this trial closely to determine if these devices should be used more widely in the future.

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