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  Shanghai Securities News China Securities Website News Ganyuan Foods 2023 annual report disclosed on the evening of April 23 and the first quarter report of 2024 showed that through continuous development of innovative high -quality products, the company’s performance has continued to grow high.In 2023, the company achieved revenue of 1.848 billion yuan, an increase of 27.36%year -on -year; net profit was 329 million yuan, a year -on -year increase of 107.82%.In the first quarter of 2024, revenue was achieved, a year -on -year increase of 49.75%; net profit was 91.29 million yuan, a year -on -year 65.30%.The company plans to be 21.8 yuan (including tax) in 2023.

  The company focuses on product research and development and innovation. As of now, a total of 140 patents have been obtained, including two invention patents such as crab yellow melon seeds and their preparation methods, 101 practical new patents, and 37 appearance design patents; cultivated a one experience;The rich high -quality technology R & D team has established a high -efficiency R & D system with market demand, grasped multi -category leisure food production technology and taste formula, and has quickly improved new products from concept to craft equipment improvement, formula improvement, batches of production, and batches of production and mass production.Comprehensive implementation of sales.

  Relying on a solid research and development foundation, the company continues to develop new products and continues to expand product categories.At the same time, the company has made a variety of improved and innovative in terms of varieties, and pioneered new flavors such as crab yellow flavor, mustard flavor, salted egg yolk flavor, desktop braised meat flavor, sauce beef flavor.Different flavors match different products, and conduct in -depth innovation in the fusion of taste and product richness.

  During the reporting period, the company launched a series of new products, including mango jelly dried cashews, durian frozen cashews, mango jelly dried Hawaii fruit, vine pepper cashews, cucumber flavor cashew kernels, honey -fragrant baked fruit, honey Hawaiian fruit kernels, etc., Gradually realize the series and branding of seasonings of nut products, and further strengthen the company’s brand awareness in seasoning nut products.

MLS Football Jersey