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As the most influential sports event in the world, the Olympic Games has long been one of the best stages of sports brands to show innovative sports technology and brand attitude.

On April 18, it coincided with 99 days of the Paris Olympic Games, Adidas, a global well -known sports brand, officially released the national team and athletes’ competitions at the Paris Olympics and the Paralympic Games.At the release event with the theme of “Road To Paris”, at the “Long Run Emperor” Hayler Gabrecelasi, Running New Star Eliyan Nonine, 110 -meter Grah Hollower, etc.Under the joint witness of the National Over 75 athletes, Adidas officially released the “Athlete Equipment Series” containing 49 shoes, covering 41 different projects, including traditional projects such as track and field, tennis, basketballThe project is divided into 9 national teams.




picture:Adidas2024“Athlete Equipment Series” appeared in Paris

“Olympic Games is the most abundant and most global event in sports. Nothing is more meaningful than designing Olympic equipment. Our equipment supports athletes to achieve the best results under great pressure, and also reflect the national characteristics of the athletes.All elements are together to form a fashion and modern series.

Only provide the best,,productCover Dada41indivualOlympic Gamesproject


It is understood that Adidas is the most sports brand covering this Olympic event. It not only includes traditional competitive projects such as track and field, tennis, basketball, football, volleyball, handball, hockey, boxing, weightlifting, wrestling, etc., but also participate in rugby, golf, Perak danceIn recent years, skateboards have added new Olympic projects.


picture:Adidas49Double sneakerscover41indivualsportsproject


49 double sports shoes and 41 professional projects means Adidas invested funds for more athletes and more sports projects, as well as their strong technical and technological strength.


continueInnovationDNA, Accompany the Centennial Olympic Games with professional equipment

In terms of the history of the Olympic Games or the entire history of the sports, innovation is profound in Adidas.Adidas has always led the development of the sports industry with innovative sports technology and innovation concepts.

Since the production of the first Olympic game shoes in 1924, Adidas has been providing sports equipment for legendary athletes.

At the first Olympic Games & mdash; & mdash; at the Tokyo Olympic Games in 1964, 80%of the track and field players chose Adidas sneakers to participate and won 99 medals.Among them, many athletes chose the lightest track and field shoes Adidas “Tokio 64” as a boot.

At the Sydney Olympic Games in 2000, Adidas’s “Shark Skin Swimsuit” was also profound, making this technical shock sports circle.At that time, British swimmers Ian Sop wore Adidas “Shark Skin Swimsuit”, won two gold medals in an hour, and set two world records.

At the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Adidas helped the bicycle star Chris Hoyi as the first British athlete to win three gold medals in a Olympic Games in more than 100 years.


picture:AdidasaccompanyCentennial Olympic Games

In addition to product innovation, Adidas also brought a refreshing innovative concept to the industry in the sports event.Taking the 2012 London Olympics and Paralympic Games as an example, Adidas helped him become the most sustainable event at the time, leading the concept of sustainability.

At this Olympic Games, Adidas innovation is more than innovative. The Adizero Prime SP Strung 3 that has never been made public will have the first show Olympic stage.As the continuation of the PRIME SP series, this shoe is still created for the 100 -meter “Flying Man”, which can bring strong energy rebound and excellent maximum rigidity.The shoe is also equipped with a full -technology Strung upper. The Strung upper has precisely compiled the yarn into a cocoon -shaped upper through data -based codes, bringing the runner to a comfortable and light feet and sufficient support.


picture:AdidasAdizero Prime SP Strung 3

Adidas also brought another pioneering concept in product design.It is understood that for the first time adopting the principle of general design, to create a high -performance sports equipment that all people who love sports can be applicable, which is the biggest feature of Adidas’s “Athlete Equipment Series”.Adidas said 86%of the Olympic venues followed this principle.


picture:Adidas adopted the principle of general design for the first timedesign“Athlete Equipment Series”

At the same time, the entire series uses the design element of “flame”, which represents the enthusiasm of the athletes for the athletes with flames. They also stand on the highest level of sports stage. They also represent the peak level of their respective fields.”When I was in the game, people often look forward to the miracle on the track and field. For me, the enthusiasm of my heart has always pushed me, letting me grasp the critical moment, and give a satisfactory answer to myself and the country.This summer, I will enter a new stage.

Tribute to the new brand attitudeOlympic GamesSpirit

When the century -old Olympic Games is also the 75th anniversary of the brand foundation, Adidas has released a new brand claim “You Got this”, and has inspired the public to resonate with the original intention of returning to the movement worldwide.”We encourage young people to be more optimistic, more active, unload the pressure, find the purest likes for sports, and enjoy the most authentic happiness in sports.” Adidas Global CEO Gulden publicly stated publicly.

The 2024 Paris Olympic Games is by far the most open Olympic Games, which is highly consistent with Adidas’s “You Got this” brand advocated.On the one hand, the 2024 Paris Olympics uses the “more open Olympic Games” as the slogan and will hold the opening ceremony outside the sports field for the first time.The official poster of the Paris Olympic Games and the Paralympic Olympic Games is also the first time in the history of Olympic Games. The two posters can be appreciated independently and seamlessly, forming a surreal urban sports event.




Picture: AdidasNew brand claimYou get this

On the other hand, at this Olympic Games, Perak dance, skateboarding, rock climbing and surfing will be officially added.These movements that belong to the niche, the streets, and the young people will become the eye -catching point with traditional projects such as track and field, swimming.It is reported that at the Paris Olympics, in addition to traditional balls, track and field and other projects, Adidas will also participate in many emerging newcomersCome in the sports that young people like.


Whether it is the first opening ceremony of the Paris Olympic Games, the joint design of the two sessions, or the new brand of Adidas, the new brand of Adidas has advocated the “You get this” and the Olympic universal competition equipment. It is the purest like and enthusiasm for sports.


picture:Chinese women’s volleyballAdidas “Athlete Equipment Series”

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