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Based on the latest updates, Felix has faced criticism for endorsing a social media post that mocked Atletico Madrid fans, and this isn’t the first time he’s stirred controversy.

It’s common knowledge that Felix is eager to remain with Barcelona after his loan move earlier this summer, and he’s been in excellent form with the club. Barcelona is also exploring the option of purchasing him outright next summer. The Portuguese striker has repeatedly expressed his childhood dream of playing for Barcelona and his unwillingness to return to Atletico. Adding to the complexity of the situation, as reported by the renowned journalist Romano, he seems determined to stay with Barcelona, despite still being under contract with Atletico.

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Felix Likes Post Mocking Atletico Madrid

Felix, who recently faced backlash from fans for engaging with a contentious post, has been quite active on social media in recent weeks. He liked a tweet that mentioned, “Atletico Madrid fans are upset.” This action triggered a strong reaction from Atletico fans, who criticized him, though he refrained from responding.

For the current season, he has registered three goals and one assist in six appearances for the national team, and three goals and three assists in eight matches for Barcelona. Previously, Atletico indicated their willingness to sell him for 80 million, but Barcelona’s financial situation made it impossible for them to meet this asking price.

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