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Recently, the 2024 National Youth Shooting Championships (Flying A.The county was held, and 173 athletes from the country and 183 athletes in the country launched a fierce competition.
Wang Shiqi, athletes of Huishui County, Qiannan Prefecture, and teammates Huang Jingyi and Lu Yan played in the group competition on behalf of the Guizhou provincial team. After a few days of fierce competition, they finally won the women’s two -way group championship;Shuixian athletes made zero breakthrough in the national shooting competition medals.
Wang Shiqi was born in Lianjiang Street, Huishui County in April 2005. In 2018, he was transported to Guizhou Sports School (now Guizhou Provincial Sports Vocational College) from Huishui County Cultural Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau (County Sports Bureau).Class jump project, on behalf of Huishui County in 2019 to participate in the 6th National Games of Qiannan Prefecture, won the third place in the third place in the women’s group B.In July 2020, he transferred to the Guizhou Sports Work Brigade to focus on shooting (flying saucer) project.
Wang Shiqi said that with her love for sports, she will go all out and bloom in a larger and higher arena.
Source Qiannan Sports
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Yu Fuwen, the second trial
Wang Xiaofeng, the third trial
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