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For children, the cultivation of reading ability can benefit for life.On April 23, the “Shuxiang Campus Light Dream of Light” 2024 World Reading Day, hosted by the Shanghai Education Society, was held at Zhixin College.The guests were from the field of children’s reading.The activity focuses on the practice and research of school education and reading promotion, children’s literature and science reading, and school library discipline services.
“Shuxiang Campus Litting Dreams” 2024 World Reading Day event scene
Deputy Director of the Shanghai Education Society Primary School Education Management Committee, Secretary of the Party Branch of the Primary School Affiliated to the Second Normal School of Shanghai, and President Ji Fengmei made a keynote report at the seminar and shared the school’s research on students’ reading ability to improve practical research.experience.She said that the school adheres to the goal of “allowing every student’s healthy, happy, and smart growth” to create a variety of reading space, provide rich reading content, and carry out colorful reading activities to enhance children’s reading interest.Cultivate their reading habits and enhance their reading literacy.
蒯 蒯 蒯 蒯 蒯
Yin Jianling, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese Writers Association, made the theme of “Looking for the answer to life from literature”.As a children’s literary creator, Yin Jianling explained the relationship between literary reading and children’s growth in the report, and provided how to make reading to accompany the child to grow from the perspective of the writer.
Yin Jianling
In different environments, how to adapt to local conditions, find the way children and children are interested, and guide them to fall in love with reading and cultivate reading habits?In the theme communication link, a total of five guests shared their practice around the theme of the event from different angles.
The Shanghai Nature Museum is a holy place for children to explore natural mysteries.Liu Zhe, the Minister of Science and Technology of the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, introduced the “One Pingmi Museum” children’s book through the “One Pingmi Museum” children’s book of the Natural Museum, introduced the “situation education” concept of the Natural Science Museum.The “One Pingmi Museum” series of popular science books are guiding the theory of “Situation Learning”. The purpose is to allow each child to become the curator and create their own museum in a square meter space.In the first issue of “One Pingmi Museum: Create My Dinosaur Exhibition”, two tasks of “excavating and restoration of a dinosaur” and “building a dinosaur exhibition” guide children to sort out knowledge and learn to explore methods.The Natural Museum has also done activities such as the offline extension project of this series of books to exhibit the training camps and other activities, extending the role of “situation education” in scientific communication.
Liu Zhe
Schools are the main places for young children to receive education. How to improve and promote reading in school teaching?Zheng Eming, deputy secretary -general of the professional committee of the Shanghai Education Society Primary and Middle School Library Professional Committee, took the title of “Study Learning first, studying books -school reading promotion” as the title, combined with the status quo of campus reading, from management, personnel, time, etc.Different angles analyzed the new problems facing the current school reading activities, and proposed to how to create a good reading ecosystem for students and promote the insights of Shuxiang campus construction.
Zheng Emin
In recent years, talk shows have become popular in China.Expressing the core talk show with the mouth is inseparable from the cornerstone of reading.Jiading District attempts to introduce the entertainment forms such as the talk show into the reading promotion.Huang Yue, director of the Book Information Department of the School of Education of Jiading District, Shanghai, introduced the title of “Expressing Drive Reading-” Talk Show “to help Huiya Reading, and introduced the Jiading District through the” Reading+Talk Show “,” Sea Selection+Exhibition Evaluation”Form, promote the” Huiya Reading “attempt.This new measure has successfully attracted students’ extensive participation and promoted the linkage and interaction of students, families and society.
Huang Yue
The Baoshan District Experimental Primary School in Shanghai conducts active explorations. By creating a reading brand, paying attention to the sustainable development of students’ reading, and achieving the value of education.Su Huaping, Secretary of the Party Branch and President of the School, introduced the “Baoxiao Lecture Hall” reading project that the school focused on.The school sowed a seed of reading, reading, and reading good books for children, allowing teachers and students to grow together in reading.
Su Huaping
In the context of vigorously promoting the core literacy of the discipline in primary and secondary schools, how can the discipline services developed by the library support the cultivation of the core literacy of the subject?Zhao Jiejie, the curator of the Shanghai Citizen Office Pinghe School Library, shared the practice and thinking of the discipline services of the primary and secondary school library. The library tried to provide a wealth of teaching support activities by creating a library course to provide support for discipline education.
Zhao Jiejie
The Shanghai Education Society specially appointed academic experts, Zhou Fenglin, secretary of the Shanghai Jiading Second Central Plains and principal of Shanghai, conducted expert reviews.He fully affirmed the sharing of the reports of experts and schools during the event. He believed that everyone’s sharing pointed out the effort for the future of primary and secondary schools to continue to carry out reading actions, reading promotion and library discipline services.
“Shuxiang contains the soul and reads the future.” Regardless of how the times change, reading is an important way to obtain knowledge, enlighten wisdom, enrich the mind, inherit civilization, establish a tree, and create the future.
The event was hosted by the Shanghai Education Society, and was hosted by the Shanghai Education Society Primary and Middle School Library Professional Committee, the Shanghai Education Society Primary School Education Management Committee and Shanghai Xinhua Media Chain Co., Ltd.
Surging News reporter Yang Baby Yang
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