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  Recently, the Huai’an Ecological and Environment Bureau held a training meeting for the 2024 chemical and environmental information survey of chemical and environmental information to comprehensively implement the national and provincial new round of chemical environmental information statistics survey, strengthen enterprise reporting capabilities, improve the on -site audit of county and district bureaus for on -site reviewSpecifies, ensure that the pre -filling of the information system and filling in the two tasks of the information system are well completed, and resolutely lay the foundation of the work of new pollutants.

Huai'an Ecological and Environment Bureau held a training meeting for promotion of chemical and environmental information statistics in 2024

  The meeting was held in the form of video. More than 100 people in charge of the responsible comrades, specific staff, and the city’s investigation list enterprise responsible personnel participated in the training.The meeting invited Liu Wei, senior engineer of the Provincial Institute of Environmental Sciences, and Zhou Fei, a researcher -level senior engineer, to teach and tilled, focusing on the requirements and main points of chemicals and environmental information on chemicals and environmental information.Interpretation.The interactive link was added during the training process to help enterprises and county and district bureaus better understand the filling and review requirements.