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Drumming promotion at the time

Fen Yan sail “open the door”


Municipal company bid

Yongxing County Berlin Industrial Park, Taihe Industrial Park Sewage Treatment Plant

(Phase 1) EPC project EPC project

The amount of winning bid is about 84.815 million yuan

Yongxing County, Luzhou is located in the lower reaches of Dongjiang, upstream of the water in the water

Is the source of the Xiangjiang River

Shoulders “Yongxing Basin build a barrier, Yijiang Qingshui enters the Xiangjiang River”

Political mission

Yongxing County Berlin Industrial Garden Sewage Treatment Plant (Phase I)

The quality improvement project is located in

Yongxing Economic Development District Berlin Industrial Park and Taihe Industrial Park

The industrial park

It is an industrialization base in the country’s rare metal regeneration utilization

Demonstration project area of the National Hayfering Waste Disposal Center

It is also a key project park involved in the treatment of heavy metal pollution in the Xiangjiang River Basin

Main construction content

Slutin grille, domestic sewage adjustment pool

Early rainwater adjustment pool, early rainwater collection pool

PH regulate the concrete pond, high -efficiency sedimentation tank

Disinfection ponds and water outlets, tail water increase pump rooms

Sewage supporting equipment, etc.

Yongxing County Taihe Industrial Park Sewage Treatment Plant (Phase 1)

After the project is completed, it can be better solved

Due to the increase in the number of enterprises in the chemical park

The scale of the construction zone is continuously expanded

And the problem of increased sewage emissions

At the same time, improve the supporting service of the park

Realize the construction of multifunctional modern parks

Protect the water resources of the Xiangjiang River Basin

Improve urban ecology and living environment

The bid this time is a municipal company

Deep cultivation of the green track

Grasp the vivid practice of green low -carbon development opportunities

Realized the operation of “opening the door”

Next, the branch will continue to play professional advantages

Follow the national policy

Actively participate in infrastructure transformation and improvement of the living environment

Water conservancy construction and other projects

Promote a new level