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The rule of law is the best business environment.At the beginning of the Spring Festival, the municipal law system pressed the “fast -forward key” that created a first -class rule of law business environment with higher standards -On February 21, the Municipal Party Committee Political and Law Work Conference and Create First -class Law Business Environment Deployment Conference were held; February February; FebruaryOn the 23rd, the “Changzhou City Create First -class Law Business Environment 2024 Action Plan” was released, and the “Top Ten Actions”, such as criminal judicial protection actions involving enterprises, and comprehensive protection of intellectual property rights, and compiled the “trillions of cities in the city of one trillionth city.”Provide strong support.

In recent years, Changzhou City has implemented a plan to improve the business environment of the rule of law, and introduced ten mechanisms to serve the healthy development of private enterprises to promote the continuous optimization of the business environment of the rule of law.The political and legal system “cracking down on illegal behavior” and “intimate warm service” two -pronged approach to co -leading together, using a series of solid measures, protecting the legitimate rights and interests of operating entities in accordance with the law, maintaining the market economy order, promoting corporate innovation and development, making good law and good rule of good rule of law a Changzhou business environment.”Gold signboard”.

A number of “first -time” creations, consolidating the solid foundation of the business environment of the rule of law

The 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China clearly proposes “creating a first -class business environment for marketization, rule of law, and internationalization.”Optimizing the business environment is a “first -hand chess” that promotes high -quality development. The fair and transparent environment of the rule of law is the “hardest core” of the business environment.

In 2023, the entire municipal law system launched a number of innovative measures that belong to the “first” in the country and the province, consolidating the solid foundation of the business environment of the rule of law, and providing the rule of law for the “GDP trillion city” in Changzhou City -provide rule of law –

Documents and implementation of “Several Measures for the Protection of the Law to Protection and Promoting the Development of the Private Economy” and “Opinions on the Construction of New Energy Capital” and other documents such as the establishment of the first new energy dispute arbitration center in the country and 8 “industrial chain chain in new energy vehicles, establishment of new energy vehicles+Legal Services “Alliance, set up a hundred outstanding lawyers service groups to provide targeted legal services for private enterprises;

Introduced the first administrative inspection measures involving enterprises in the country -level city, implemented the inspection list system, standardized the inspection behavior of enterprises, and focused on solving problems such as many inspections, high frequency, and free inspection;

Build the province’s first corporate compliance construction promotion center, actively develop compliance service products, and use compliance training and compliance medical examinations to help enterprises further improve the level of compliance capabilities;

In the national court system, the first “litigation insurance” business was introduced to the bank guarantee. While protecting the interests of the creditors, it was effectively avoided by the impact of the impact of the application for security measures due to preservation measures.For more than a year, the city’s courts have implemented 18 “litigation insurance” business, free of 50.35 million yuan in preserved property.

Fighting the protection of “both hands” and effectively maintaining the order of the market economy

“A city, with a safe and stable social environment, fair and fair market environment, and a convenient and efficient service environment, can enterprises invest with peace of mind, operate with peace of mind, and concentrate on development.” Liu Yong, deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee Political and Legal Committee, introduced that in 2023, Changzhou ChuangchuangChengcheng’s first batch of municipal social governance modern pilot cities, the sense of security of the masses reached 99.26%, and the satisfaction of political and legal teams reached 94.89%, ranking second in the province. “This is an important manifestation of Changzhou’s good business environment.”

The Municipal Public Security Bureau was completed and running 10 municipal “Optimization of Business Economic Review Service Station”, established the mechanism of fast investigation and fast breaks, and supervision of key cases, and strictly investigated strictly to strictly fight corporate extortion, bully the market, provoke provocation, and seek provocationA total of 108 cases such as troubles and contract fraud, misappropriation of funds, and false lawsuits, and more than 120 million yuan for the company’s pursuit of stolenum.Constructing the Channel of Crime Crime Crime Crime, cracked 24 cases, and recovered nearly 140 million yuan.

The city’s courts continued to overcome difficulties. Last year, there were more than 64,000 cases with a total of 64,000 cases, with an execution amount of 7.5 billion yuan, and 79 and 80 cases of punishment for rejection.The management mechanism, while adding 50 newly lost trust companies, conducts credit repair for more than 800 enterprises, not only punish the abstinence of faith, but also actively promotes enterprises to improve integrity and credit.

Strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights, stimulate the innovative vitality of the enterprise

In November last year, Huawei sent a thank -you letter to the Wujin Public Security Branch, Wujin Court and Wujin Procuratorate, and expressed their sincere gratitude and respect on the treatment of a company to make a fake Huawei Light Cat case, and praise Changzhou intellectual property protection work.

Intellectual property rights are the innovative achievements and core competitiveness of enterprises. Protecting intellectual property rights to protect the vitality of enterprises.In response to the problems of intellectual property rights, business secret criminal cases, difficult to proof, and high identification thresholds, the Municipal Public Security Bureau, together with the procuratorate and court to break the practice of “no appraisal report”.The investigation of the case greatly reduced the burden on the cost of proof of the enterprise.Since last year, the Municipal Public Security Bureau has cracked a lot of major cases such as counterfeit registered trademarks and has been identified as pilot units of the national business secret cases.

The Municipal Procuratorate successfully handled multiple cases of upper -level supervision of intellectual property rights to violate intellectual property rights, rising more than 7.7 million yuan for enterprises, and promoted the establishment of a business secret protection alliance.