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The first round of the 23/24 English Premier League season continues with Manchester United facing Wolves at Old Trafford. The Red Devils, who have brought in four players in the off-season, are aiming for a good start to the season, having finished third in the Premier League and won the League Cup last season, breaking the club’s six-year losing streak.

United finished third in the Premier League and won the League Cup last season, breaking the club’s six-year title drought, ending the team’s four-game losing streak, and reaching a better level of popularity. Despite the impact of the club’s sale, United’s reinforcement is still powerful, 75 million to bring in Hoylund, 64.2 million euros to eat Munt, 52.5 million euros to sign Onana, the total cost of nearly 200 million euros. At the same time, Manchester United to 17.5 million released Erlanga, 4.6 million sold Teles, Fred and Maguire is also close to transfer away, lineup reshuffle.

After a round of lineup construction, United’s current total value rose to 890 million euros, ranking fourth within the Premier League, behind only Manchester City, Arsenal and Chelsea. In the previous pre-season, Manchester United is also very positive, a total of 8 games played, achieved 4 wins, 3 losses and 1 flat record, the winning rate of just 50%. But United are not without their worries, as Hoylund is injured and it will be some time before he can make his debut.

Man Utd open season with a win, Wolves’ poor reinforcements make for a tough visit

During the warm-up matches, Ten Hagar actively practiced the formation of Mundt as the front, B fee back as a center forward, but the effect can only be regarded as general, spent more than 60 million euros to bring in the new No. 7 Mundt, 8 games delivered 0 goals and 0 assists, although just a warm-up match, but such play is still unsatisfactory.

Wolves were hovering in the last 3 of the table last season, but Lopetegui’s arrival saved the team and eventually managed to stay in the Premier League by relegation. However, Wolves’ transfers were not considered positive, with the rest of the signings being waivers, except for the 50 million buyout of Cunha and the 11 million to get Boubacar Traore. Meanwhile, Wolves also sold Ruben Neves for €55 million, sending the Portuguese international to Riyadh Crescent. Given the team’s poor reinforcements, Lopetegui eventually chose to part ways with the team and 40-year-old Gary O’Neil stepped in. In the ever-competitive Premier League, where money is constantly being burned, Wolves can only aim for relegation with their small capital.

In the last 10 meetings in the league, Manchester United won 5, drew 3 and lost 2, and completed a double last season. Whether it is strength or psychological level, the Red Devils are in a clear advantage, and is expected to take the new season official game of the opening red.

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