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The Birthikendrajit International Airport in Imphal, Manipur was put on alert after an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) was spotted hovering over it on Sunday. The presence of the UFO affected flight operations for several hours, prompting the Air Force to activate its defense mechanism.

Flight operations interrupted

The presence of the UFO caused delays to three flights at the airport. Flight operations resumed only after about three hours when there were no more UFOs around the airport. Two flights were diverted and three were delayed due to the sighting of the UFO in Imphal airspace, airport director Chipemi Kisin said in a statement. The diverted flights included an Air Indigo plane from Kolkata that landed in Guwahati instead of Manipur.

Manipur airport put on alert after UFO sighting

Air force controls airspace

An Air Traffic Control (ATC) official said they received a message from the CISF around 2.30 p.m. that an object was flying near Imphal airport and it was visible to the naked eye moving westward to the airport till 4 p.m. The object was not visible to the naked eye. The Shillong Air Command was informed of the situation after taking control of the airspace until security clearance was granted.

Continuing ethnic violence

This UFO sighting took place at a time when ethnic violence was still ongoing in Manipur. Since then, clashes and gun battles between the two organizations have resulted in the deaths of about 200 people.

Internet ban extended

The government has extended the ban on Internet services in the northeastern state until November 23 due to the volatile situation in the state after a Manipur police officer was killed in an ambush on security forces earlier this month. The Manipur police chief said authorities suspect that “some anti-social elements” may be using social media to share videos and make hate speeches to incite violence and disrupt law and order in the state.

The UFO sightings and ongoing ethnic violence highlight the challenges faced by Manipur, a state facing both internal conflict and external threats.

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