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In order to thoroughly study and implement the revised “Regulations on Disciplinary Actions of the Communist Party of China”, with the consent of the Party Central Committee, from April to July 2024, party discipline studies and education will be carried out in the entire party.In the past few days, many universities across the country have taken action to carry out the development of party discipline learning and education as an important political task, attach great importance to and organize it carefully, and promote the deep and practical and practical of party discipline learning and education.
Since the development of party discipline and education, the party committee of Peking University has attached great importance to and responded quickly.On April 10, the school held a special study of party committees to study party discipline learning and education matters. The “Implementation Plan for Party Disciplinary Studies and Education of Peking University” and “Party Discipline Leading Education Leadership Institutions and Work Course Composition Plan” was emphasized.As an important political task, education is carefully organized and implemented to strengthen supervision and implementation.
At Tsinghua University, Qiu Yong, Secretary of the Party Committee of the School, presided over the party’s construction and comprehensively and strictly governing the party’s leadership group meeting to review and pass the “Tsinghua University Party Discipline Learning and Education Work Plan”, requiring the “banner” and “benchmark” consciousness, and according to student party members, The outstanding characteristics of retired faculty members and party members and other groups have carried out party discipline and education in a targeted manner.
At the Renmin University of China, the party organizations of 45 colleges and units of the school through the methods of holding party committees, party and government joint meetings, and meeting of party committees’ theoretical learning center groups, etc.Branch secretary.Within a week, the leadership team (theoretical learning center group) and more than 670 grass -roots party branches of the second -level units of Renmin University of China have acted.
At Shanghai Jiaotong University, on April 8th, the party’s construction and comprehensive and strict party leadership group meeting was held to convey the important speech and important instructions of the General Secretary of the Supreme Leadership on the development of party discipline and education.On the 16th, the school held a meeting to review the school’s party discipline learning and education plan. On the 22nd, a seminar of the Second Party Construction Work Work was held to specific deployment of party discipline education and education with the second -level party organization …Expand.
In response to the characteristics of university scientific research strength and active thinking of teachers and students, many colleges and universities adapt to local conditions to explore the methods of party discipline learning and education with the characteristics of the university.
Tsinghua University opened the “Party Discipline Learning Education” topic on the official website of the school, and opened a column of party discipline learning materials on the “Tsinghua University Party Construction Network” for teachers and students to consult.The school also formulated the first concentrated study plan for party disciplinary study education and reading class and school leaders, edited the “Learning References” party disciplinary study and education album, and created a strong atmosphere of “learning party discipline, strong party building, promoting development”.
Harbin Institute of Technology will adopt the newly revised “Regulations on the Disciplinary Actions of the Communist Party of China” as an important teaching content for the main class of the school’s party school.Guide various grass -roots party organizations in combination with actual innovation working methods to launch a variety of forms such as party members and cadres to take on to the stage, teachers and students, party members, and school members to come to school for veteran party members.Through the mind.
In fact, many universities explore the use of new media methods to promote the development of party discipline and education.
Central South University and above are a good “ledent lesson, seminars, counseling classes, research courses, and warning courses” as the carrier. “Learning+Report Guidance+Practical Studies+Live Teaching “promotes learning.North China Electric Power University offers a lesson of the “Learning Regulations” on the WeChat public account “Qingfeng Huadian”, and has been pushed for 13 issues.East China Normal University opens a special website of party discipline learning and education, opens important deployment, grass -roots dynamics, learning materials and other columns.Special content.
Xiamen University focuses on expanding the coverage of integrity education with young cadres and young teachers, and through ideology, integrity, culture and integrity, educate integrity, position educating, integrate and promote integrity, to build a full -coverage and integrity education system, education guidanceParty members, cadres, teachers and students build their ideological and moral defense lines to enhance the ability to refuse corruption and defense.
Facing the problem, we can truly implement the party discipline learning and education.
On April 12, the party disciplinary study and education mobilization of Peking University and the comprehensive and strict party work conference in 2024 were held.Gu Tao, deputy secretary of the party committee of Peking University, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, and the State Supervision Commissioner’s Supervision Commissioner of Peking University, combined with the situation notified by the higher level, the typical cases investigated and dealt with in the school in 2023, and the prominent issues found in daily supervision to sound the alarm clock, and notified the medicineThe relevant situation of the three key areas of the teacher’s morality and the supervision of the three major key areas.
Hao Ping, Secretary of the Party Committee of Peking University, said: “The whole school must further deepen the understanding of strengthening the importance of party discipline construction and enhance the enthusiasm and initiative of party discipline learning and education; to further deepen the understanding of ignoring the harmfulness of party discipline and violating party discipline issues., Enhance the urgency and pertinence of party discipline learning and education.
At the Renmin University of China, the Party Committee of the School of Philosophy organized nearly 100 people to organize the party branch secretary and disciplinary inspection committee members to visit Beijing in two phases on April 9 and 17.discipline.In the two theme exhibitions of “Gao Ji in the front, building a line of defense” and “the case as a lesson, and the awe to know”, the teachers and students visited the teachers and students through typical cases to analyze the alarm, the bottom line, and the awe of the awe.
In order to do a good job of warning education, some colleges and universities sort out typical cases of violations of laws and discipline and violations of the school in the past 5 years, conduct research and analysis of trends, characteristics, and laws, and organize cadres and employees of units such as hospitals and hospitals to the people’s courts to attend the trial of key cases of schools and accept them.Warning education.(China Youth Daily · reporter Ye Yuting)
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