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The 51st International Famous Furniture (Dongguan) Exhibition in 2024 was held in Dongguan on March 15th to promote the new evolution of the furniture industry and show a new future.As the exhibitors, Mu Si Group V6 Home, with the latest quality home concept, presents a new home solution with its unique design concept and excellent quality.In an interview with Xinhuanet, Liu Yuanzhi, the general manager of V6 home, deeply discussed the key role of design power in the industry, and explained the multi -dimensional competitiveness and development of V6 home brands.

Liu Yuanzhi, general manager of Mu Si Group V6 Home Furnishing

“The core competitiveness of design for the cast V6 home”, Liu Yuanzhi stated in an exclusive interview that the home industry is an industry that focuses on innovative design. In the face of increasingly hot market competition, design power has become the key to winning the home furnishing industry.

Liu Yuanzhi said, “For truly consumers, a sense of fashion is important, but a space that can bring home comfort and relaxation cannot be ignored, and our products are focused on relaxation and aesthetic charm.The ideal fashion lifestyle, we insist on using good design and products to impress consumers. “The V6 home is facing young and fashionable consumer groups. By investigating the living habits of contemporary young people, when providing the entire plan, the deepening of consumers’ one -to -one living line planning design, lighting design, interest space design and other depthDesign to create a warm, comfortable, personality and aesthetic home environment for them, and meet the real consumers’ demand for the home environment.

In order to meet the needs of contemporary young people for the continuous upgrade of life, the V6 home actively cooperates with outstanding designers at home and abroad to continuously launch new products that meet the quality of life in young people.Liu Yuanzhi revealed that “every space in the V6 home is designed by the master”.In the future, from a single finished product construction, to the design of space, to the construction of the entire house, the V6 will continue to join hands with global designers to continuously upgrade and improve design capabilities, bring consumers a high -level personality home experience, ensure brand design powerinherited.At the same time, the V6 home is preparing for the V6 plan center to provide the whole house’s installation solution service. Liu Yuanzhi’s explanation said that the center can combine outstanding domestic and foreign designers to pass the “one headquarters solution design center+N national urban solution design center” modelTo help consumers plan the home style and lifestyle, only by emphasizing the overall design of the design can we realize the integration of design power and product power.

Liu Yuanzhi admits that the V6 home adheres to the principle of “quality first, in order to implement quality consumption”, not only adheres to excellent design standards, but also always uses the industry’s top raw materials.It is reported that its custom cabinet production line uses the F4 star board with environmental protection to the highest standard, showing a rigorous and meticulous attitude of V6 home selection of raw materials, and all materials need to pass Muses Group CNAS national authoritative laboratories to ensure the high product highQuality and efficiency and safety.

At the same time, in order to make consumers more at ease to buy, V6 Home also set up a comprehensive after -sales service system. It includes a series of meticulous services, which aims to ensure that the products purchased by customers are always in the best state.At present, its after -sales service has established a good reputation in the industry, providing consumers with a full range of home services to avoid worries.

Liu Yuanzhi said, “The V6 home is positioned as a fashionable and young lifestyle, we know the influence of young people on the design of space design on daily activities, interests, and social behavior.Double demand with spiritual.Based on this, the V6 home continues to conduct cross -border cooperation with various industry partners, such as reading with Fan Deng · Fanshu (formerly Fan Deng Reading) to create a family reading atmosphere to create a “book incense lifestyle”;Together with advocating sleep can improve skin tone, sleep can improve their appearance, create a “rejuvenating lifestyle” lifestyle of sleeping beauty, etc. In addition, the V6 home also pays attention to the exclusive home and products related to sports related to sports.Consumers provide a comprehensive quality improvement plan to create a pleasant quality consumption experience.

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