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Life lies in exercise. Movement cannot be ignored for people’s health and emotional value.So what is the difference between insisting on exercise and those who never exercise? How much is the difference?

The authoritative medical journal “Liuye Knife” revealed the mystery. Studies showed that even if you exercise for an hour a week, the effect of relieving depression is immediate.The research also made an interesting calculation: the emotional value that exercise brought related emotional value is equivalent to earning more than 170,000 yuan a year, or a college degree after high school.

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Exercise can alleviate depression and add value to emotions

According to the research published by Yale University in 2018 in “Liuye Knife”, the mental health status of self -reporting by self -reporting of people who insist on exercise and people who insist on exercise is that even if you exercise only 1 hour a week, the effect of relieving depression is relieved.It is also prominent.

The positive impact of exercise on mental health is greater than age, income, and education levels.In other words, no matter how old you are, if you have money and no money, or whether you have received higher education, exercise can bring you a good mood.

Although the studies have found that all categories have a certain antidepressant effect, the effect of the multiplayer team movement is better, which can reduce the number of depression days by 22.3%.

In addition, the “China National Psychological Healthy Development Report (2021-2022)” shows that the depression risk detection rate of the age group of the 18-24 years of age in my country is as high as 24.1%, and the depression risk detection rate of the depression risk of aged 25-34 years is 12.3%.The “Report” focuses on the frequency of exercise, and the effect of single exercise time on depression risk.

The analysis found that the per -weekly exercise frequency of 0 times, the depression risk detection rate is much higher than that of other groups.In terms of psychological health, a single exercise is meaningful for 20 minutes and above.


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How much is the difference between insisting on exercise and people who never exercise?

With the change of work and lifestyle, more and more people can’t sit for a long time.Persevere and people who never exercise may not be different for a day or two, but the difference between time is obvious. What kind of feedback can exercise give the body?

1. Persist in exercise, muscle and bone joints are better

When people have lost their age muscles, they have decreased their exercise ability obviously in the elderly, and their legs and feet are unfavorable, while those who insist on exercise have a better muscle state.Some sports experts have shared two photos, which are the 70 -year -old iron man three athletes and 74 -year -old thigh muscle horizontal scanning maps. The former has a significant muscle in the thighs and less subcutaneous fat.

Human bones and joints who insist on exercise will be better than those who never move.Frequent exercise can improve the blood circulation of the bone, strengthen the metabolism of the bone, thicker the bone diameter, the thickened muscle, and the rules of bone arrangement.With the good changes in the structure of the bone morphology, the ability of bone resistance, bending, and compressive compression and other bone strength have improved significantly.

The thickness of joint cartilage and bone density will also be higher, and the muscles around the joints are more developed, stronger, and thickened by joint capsules and ligaments.So as to reduce joint load and increase the stability and flexibility of the joints.

2. Persist in exercise, and the cardiopulmonary function is better

The heart is the center of blood circulation of the whole body, and the lungs are an important respiratory organs of the human body.Frequent exercise can enhance the muscle strength and strength of the respiratory muscles, improve the concentration of the lungs, enhance the lung function and the local resistance of the lungs, etc., can also make the heart’s fighting more powerful and regular, ensure the rhythm and efficiency of the heart pumping blood, reduce the heart of the heart, reduce the heartSeizure of vascular disease.

In addition, people with good cardiopulmonary function will have a low probability of suffering from chronic diseases such as coronary heart disease and chronic lung block.

3. Persist in exercise, the brain cognition is better

Many people feel that breathing is easier, their bodies are lighter, and their moods will improve after exercise.This is because “endorphin” secreted by brain cells after exercise will make people pleasure in the short term.And long -term exercise will also have a positive positive impact on the brain.

A 10 -year -old British study, a cognitive function research on nearly 10,000 people who are over 50 years old and over, have found that with age, regular exercise can prevent cognitive ability.

4. Persist in exercise, better sleep quality

Proper exercise can help improve sleep.The book “Insomnia” published by China Pharmaceutical Technology Publishing House pointed out that for people who often insomnia, exercise is one of the ways to regulate sleep.

If patients with insomnia can persist in running, do exercise, practice Tai Chi, etc., after a period of sports, they will play a good role in regulating the excitement and suppression process of the nervous system, and establish a good cycle for restoring normal sleep.This can fundamentally eliminate insomnia and improve sleep quality.


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5. Persist in exercise, better immunity and metabolic functions

Statistics of crowds show that people who often exercise have significantly better cellular immune function than those who do not exercise.Therefore, people who insist on exercise have better physical immunity and less likely to get sick.

Those who persist in exercise are less risk of diabetes and metabolic syndrome.Frequent exercise will reduce insulin secretion, increasing the secretion of pancreatic blood glucose, which can reduce sugar levels.In other words, the risk of people who often exercise people with diabetes and metabolic syndrome will be less.

6. Those who insist on exercise are thinner and more temperamental

People who insist on exercise are not only conducive to losing weight, but also the strength of the whole body skeletal muscle system.And powerful muscles can stretch the body and stand upright, making people look more temperament and look better.

How long does it take to exercise the largest income?

Many people think that the longer the exercise, the better, and the more exercise.”Liu Ye Dao” research found that this idea was wrong.

In terms of time length, the best time for each exercise should be between 45-60 minutes, less than 45 minutes, the effect weakens, greater than 60 minutes, no more income, and many of them will have a negative effect; from the frequency, the frequency will come from the frequency.Said, do not need to practice every day, the highest benefits once a day 3-5 days a week.

Like duration, less than and exceeding are easy to obtain negative returns.The frequency of only walking in all exercises can be slightly higher, up to 6 days a week.


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It depends on the mood: identifying the best exercise with emotions

There are many ways to exercise. There are both “sweating like rain” and soothing and calm. Choosing different exercise methods for emotions may make the movement more effectively “value -added” emotion.

1. Angry: Practice Taekwondo.Taekwondo is a high -strength aerobic exercise. The movements such as fist fierce strikes and high kicks can make tension and anger swept away and extinguish their inner anger.But be sure to pay attention to the discomfort sent by the body during exercise.

2. Stress: Yoga.It can soothe the body from the spiritual and physiological level, promote stress release, and improve sleep quality.A 2010 research published in the magazine of “Equipment and Supplement Medicine” found that yoga can increase GABA (γ-aminobutyric acid) level, which can reduce anxiety.

3. Happy: Run.Running when you are happy, it will promote a large number of inner termin and adrenaline, and double the feeling of happiness.

4. Sadness: Swimming.Swimming unique to the water surface movement allows the exercise to have their own space and find a stable and consistent movement and rhythm.Swimming has a light impact on the joints, and it can improve heart rate, make people feel refreshing and comfortable, and reduce depression.

5. Leisure: cycling.Looking at the beautiful scenery when riding a bike, breathing fresh air will make people feel more comfortable, and at the same time release energy and vitality.Researchers at Georgia University found that after 30 minutes of fixed bicycles, the subject’s energy level increased.”Riding a bicycle seems to activate the neuroscope of the brain, making people feel energetic.”

As the saying goes, the plan of the year lies in spring.The weather gradually turns warmer, hurry up!

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