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& emsp; & emsp; On March 20, Shaanxi player Liu Yukun (first from the right) in the third men’s 50 -meter rifle match in the national step and pistol shooting team Paris Olympic Games.Xinhua News Agency reporter Yao Youming Photo

& emsp; & emsp; Xinhua News Agency, Xi’an, March 20 (Reporter Linde, Yao Youming) National Step and Pistol Shooting Team Paris Olympic Games final team concluded in Xi’an on the 20th.After fierce competition, the Chinese shooting team participated in the Dust of the Paris Olympic Games and the 10 small items of pistols.

& emsp;& emsp; On March 20th, Zhejiang player Han Jiayu (first from left) and Jilin player Zhang Qiongyue (second from right) at the national step and pistol shooting team’s final team trials at the third women’s 50 -meter rifle awards ceremony.Xinhua News Agency reporter Yao Youming Photo

  Like the previous session, the final list of the national steps and pistol shooting team Olympic Games was produced by international competitions and a series of trial points.This field is the last game of the national step and pistol shooting team in the Paris Olympics.On the 20th, the women’s 25 -meter sports pistol, the men’s 50 -meter rifle, and the women’s 50 -meter rifle Sanzi project Olympic lineup had suspense before the start of the game.In the end, Zhao Nan of the Shanxi team and Liang Xiaoya of the Shandong team ranked among the top two in the standings of the 25 -meter sports pistol project.Liu Yukun of the Shaanxi team and Du Linyu of Hebei team led the men’s 50 -meter rifle in the standings.In terms of women’s 50 -meter rifles, Jilin’s Zhang Qiongyue and Han Jiayu of Zhejiang team won.

  The Olympic lineup of 10 small items in China and pistols is as follows:

  Women’s 10 -meter gas rifle: Huang Yuting, Han Jiayu

  Men’s 10 -meter gas rifle: Sheng Lihao, Du Linzheng

  10 -meter gas rifle hybrid group: Huang Yuting, Han Jiayu, Sheng Lihao, Du Linzheng

  Women’s 10 -meter gas pistol: Jiang Ranxin, Li Xue

  Men’s 10 -meter gas pistol: Zhang Bowen, Xie Yu

  10 -meter air pistol hybrid group: Jiang Ranxin, Li Xue, Zhang Bowen, Xie Yu

  Men’s 25 -meter pistol quick shot: Li Yuehong, Wang Xinjie

  Women’s 25 -meter sports pistol: Zhao Nan, Liang Xiaoya

  Women’s 50 -meter rifle three postures: Zhang Qiongyue, Han Jiayu

  Men’s 50 -meter rifle three postures: Liu Yukun, Du Linyu

  This lineup is mainly “post -00s”. The oldest is Li Yuehong, who was born in 1989. The youngest was Liang Xiaoya, who was born in 2007.

  Wang Lian, deputy director of the National Sports Administration of Sports Archery Sports Management Center, said: “From the perspective of selection, basically some key athletes are shortlisted in the Olympic lineup. Through winter training, their training level has indeed been greatly improved.What to consider in one step is how to use subsequent adjustments to let them play the best state and the level of training in the Olympic Games. “(End)

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