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The NBA season is back and basketball fans were treated to an exciting 12-game slate on Thursday.

While there were several big names from Australia, it was a rookie who caught the eye on day two of the new season.

Victor Wimbanyama stuns in Tottenham victory

First-round pick Victor Wimbanyama showed the world he’s a threat in the preseason. Now that the San Antonio Spurs start the season against the Dallas Mavericks, it’s time for the real game.

Wimbanyama got his NBA career off to a surprisingly good start, and he didn’t disappoint, sinking two three-pointers in the first quarter. While one would expect the Frenchman to dominate in the paint with his large frame, Vimbanyama’s biggest kills came from beyond the three-point line.

For the game, he had 16 points, seven rebounds and five caps to help the Spurs win 112-108.

Ben Simmons returns to the starting lineup in a big way

The Brooklyn Nets lost to the Cleveland Cavaliers 114-113 in their season opener. However, there were some positive signs for the Nets as Australian superstar Ben Simmons showed that he is returning to the form he had earlier in his career.

NBA: Simmons shines in Spurs win after surprise Wimbledon start

Simmons has gone through a rough patch over the past few seasons, battling mental demons while suffering multiple injuries. In the Nets’ season opener, he confirmed pre-season claims that he would be back to his best with a well-rounded performance.

While Simmons has never been a perennial scorer, his defensive intensity and ability to find teammates came into play. The Australian guard grabbed 10 rebounds, nine assists and scored four points in the game, coming up just short of a double-double.

His biggest highlight came about halfway through the first quarter when he rolled to the basket and Mikal Bridges hit him with a perfect aerial pass.

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