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The happiest player in NBA history is an interesting topic, and usually it has to do with both number of championships won and salary. As you mentioned, Jordan and Robert Horry excelled at both.

Jordan is one of the greatest players in the history of basketball, winning six championships in his career and is considered one of the most successful players in NBA history. His dominance, leadership and scoring ability were unrivaled and his career can be called one of the pinnacles of basketball.

Robert Horry, despite being a role player, won seven championships in his career, making him one of the most winning players in NBA history. He was known for his clutch play in the finals and was dubbed “Mr. Key” because he often made the decisive plays late in the game.

Also, you mentioned the contract extension of Dream Green, who signed a five-year, $72 million contract extension with the Golden State Warriors. This is an important extension for the Warriors as Chase Green plays a key role on the team, especially on the defensive end and in leadership. The extension also helps the Warriors lower their luxury tax bill, giving them more flexibility under the salary cap.

NBA’s happiest man partners with Curry to become the ultimate winner!

Additionally, you mentioned the extension for Head Coach Kerr. Steve Kerr is an outstanding coach who has had a remarkable tenure with the Warriors, helping the team win multiple championships. His coaching accomplishments and team success make him expected to receive a lucrative contract in extension talks to continue leading the Warriors to success.

To summarize, the happiest players in NBA history are usually closely tied to the number of championships won and salary level, and both Jordan and Robert Horry have excelled in both areas. Meanwhile, Dream Green’s contract extension and Kerr’s head coaching extension are important moves for the future success of the Warriors.

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