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On April 2nd, Zhejiang Senma Clothing Co., Ltd. (stock code: 002563, hereinafter referred to as “Samma Clothing”) released the 2023 annual report.The company’s annual revenue was 13.661 billion yuan, which achieved a steady growth compared to 2022; the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 1.122 billion yuan, an increase of 76.06%year -on -year.Climbing 65.08%.It is reported that the company intends to distribute a cash dividend of 3.00 yuan (tax) every 10 shares of shareholders.

The company has two major brands: Semoma and Barabala, which are divided into two different market segments. Through multi -brand operation platforms and experiences, the resource integration capabilities with harmony and win -win as the core, integrate suppliers, agents, design, research and development, brand communicationIn other aspects of domestic and foreign resources, a cooperation system that is compatible with its own business model has been established to achieve efficient integration between manufacturers and channel vendors.Among them, the Barabara brand occupies the absolute advantage of the children’s clothing market, and has been the first in domestic market share for many years.

After many years of extension of the Chinese clothing industry, it has now entered the stage of optimization development of endogenous types.With the growth of people’s income, my country is becoming the world’s largest and fastest growing costume market.

However, at present, the competition in the apparel industry is increasingly fierce, and consumers’ willingness, form, and methods are constantly changing; technology, fashion, and green have become important forces to promote the upgrading and industrial upgrading of the clothing industry.In addition, with the international brands have gradually penetrated from first -tier cities to second -tier and third -tier cities in the Chinese market, local brands are facing multiple challenges such as rapid changes in consumption and changes in retail channels.

Faced with a complex market environment, Morima Clothing has adopted a series of strategies to deal with challenges and seize opportunities.The company continues to integrate supply chain resources, optimizes channel structure, increase product research and development investment, and improve product quality and brand power.In 2023, the gross profit margin of the company’s casual clothing and children’s clothing reached 38.02%and 46.78%, respectively.At the same time, the company uses the omni -channel marketing network layout to provide consumers with a high -quality shopping experience of online and offline integration, effectively strengthening Sema’s status in consumers’ minds and promoting the rise of the brand.During the reporting period, the company’s direct sales, franchise sales revenue and gross profit margin all achieved steady growth.

In the past year, the company has accelerated the development of children’s tracks, and the children’s brands of the agent have been promoted in an orderly manner, and their own brands are accelerating the outdoor product line of incubation sports.The company set up a children’s sports commodity project team to share resources, and actively explore the model of sports collection stores to innovate retail models to meet the needs of different consumers.

In addition, the company also set up a live broadcast division to actively drive the rapid development of emerging brands by constructing a diversified live broadcast matrix with Douyin as its core.At present, digital stores have covered multiple brands of the company, and more than 4,000 stores have achieved widespread application and differentiated operations of live broadcast business, WeChat ecological business, local living business, O2O business, and content -breeding drivers.The company is committed to creating a digital construction of a system, a set of standards, and unified planning, and completes the integration and reconstruction of the SAP system, operation system and data platforms.

In April last year, the company established overseas business units to build organizations and teams, realizing online and offline operations for overseas markets, and actively constructing international market maps.In December 2023, the first store in Singapore, Barabala opened.As of the end of 2023, the company has opened up 70 stores overseas and Hong Kong, China.

Faced with the intensification of the industry’s shuffle, from the opportunity -oriented to the ability -oriented, the above -mentioned measures have successfully deployed the two major brands of Senma Casual Clothing and Balabara Children’s Clothing, which has laid a solid foundation for the company’s future development.

Looking forward to the future, Senma Clothing will continue to deepen market layout, strengthen product research and development and brand building, improve product quality and service level, to meet the increasingly diverse needs of consumers.At the same time, the company will maintain a keen market insight, flexibly adjust market strategies, strengthen cost control and risk management, and help the company’s steady development.

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