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[Pingshan Welcome Reform: Housing and educational facilities synchronize upgrade!] The draft urban renewal planning draft in the northern area of Longxing South Road in Pingshan and the Guanye Science and Technology Park has recently been announced, indicating that the area will usher in the significant improvement of residential construction and educational facilities.There will be 21 residential and nine -year -old schools in the north area of Longxing South Road. The Guanye Technology Park plans industrial plant and R & D housing, showing Shenzhen’s determination to continue to optimize urban functions and quality of life.


The city’s face in Pingshan District, Shenzhen is about to usher in great changes.Recently, the draft planning of the two updated projects of the two updated projects of Longxing South Road and the Guanye Science and Technology Park disclosed to the public, revealing a new blueprint that combines the development of living, education and industry.According to the plan, the northern area of Longxing South Road will use land with nearly 200,000 square meters to create a living community including 21 residential buildings, and is equipped with a complete education and children’s activity facilities, including a nine -year school, kindergarten and cultureActivity room, etc.

As an important part of the development of Shenzhen’s science and technology industry, Guanxu Technology Park shows a strong investment in industrial plant and industrial R & D houses.This project not only provides new employment opportunities for surrounding residents, but also further promotes the development of Shenzhen in the field of high -tech industry. At the same time, through the construction of community sports and children’s game venues, it will improve the quality of life in the residential area.

The planning of the two major projects not only reflects the city’s space utilization and regional development strategy, but also thinks about improving the quality of life of residents.In the future, we can look forward to witnessing a more efficient and harmonious urban living environment in Pingshan District.

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