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China Gongwang News On March 29, a mobile car test car entered the Guifu Hall Medical Devices Industrial Park of Shijiazhuang High -tech Zone. 60 employees had medical examinations such as blood sugar and chest before they went out of the park.Clinic.”You can enjoy the service of experts without getting out of the park. It is really the care of the‘ Mother family ’.” Employees said happily.
“Most Beautiful Medical Care” patient consultation
In order to effectively maintain the health rights and interests of the majority of employees, the Shijiazhuang City Federation of Trade Unions and the Municipal Health and Health Commission in the province took the lead in forming the “most beautiful medical care” medical workers such as “the most beautiful medical care”, labor model, and May 1 Labor Medal.There are currently more than 40 members of the volunteer service group. Since the end of this month, one to two games will be organized every month.On the same day, the “Most Beautiful Medical” medical volunteer service group went to the high -tech zone Guobitang Medical Device Industry Park for the front -line employees of the biomedical industry to carry out the first service activities of “Healthy Guardian, Professional” to enjoy the first service activity of Shijiazhuang Caring employees.
The high -tech zone is the main battlefield for the biomedical industry of Shijiazhuang City. The number of enterprises is large and the industrial employee team gathers.The National Wealth Hall Medical Devices Industrial Park positioned a full -chain one -stop innovation incubation base, focusing on the introduction of high -end medical device research and development and production headquarters, focusing on cultivating technology -based SMEs and high -tech enterprises, and 70 enterprises.At the event site, the employees actively participated.Popular science propaganda.Employees have stepped onto the mobile physical examination vehicle at the event site, and conducted project examinations such as blood pressure measurement, shooting chest slices, and blood sugar testing.
“Health Guardian · Locate ‘Enjoying Happiness” Sending Health Service is a specific measure to help Shijiazhuang’s biomedical industry development, and it is also one of the 2024 service workers determined by Shijiazhuang City Federation of Trade Unions.This year, the city’s Federation of Trade Unions strengthened department linkage, played the role of “trade union+”, and jointly carried out a series of volunteer service activities with the Municipal Health and Health Commission.Carry out a health -free clinic for the front -line employees of the five major industries; give lectures on the prevention and treatment of occupational disease prevention and treatment for employees of chemical, construction, and industrial and mining enterprises; launch “Little Brother’s Safety”, “Experts Talking about Occupation Health”, “Experts”, “Experts,”The maid’s family talks about labor protection “and other theme micro -class halls; in order to alleviate the pressure of employees and solve psychological problems, organize lectures on psychological health knowledge, provide psychological counseling services, and popularize psychological health knowledge.At the same time, focusing on high -skilled talents, “bitterness, dirty, tired, dangerous, dangerous, danger, and harm” industry employees, difficult employees, etc., in the model of “online+offline”, walk into the workshop, enter the enterprise, walkEntering the park, entering the front line, actively to provide health services for employees, further enhance the health literacy and health awareness of employees, provide a high -quality industrial worker team for Shijiazhuang City to provide health guarantee, and to accelerate the cultivation of new productivity construction in Shijiazhuang City.
Zhang Ruihong, a member of the party group and vice chairman of the Shijiazhuang City Federation, said that this year, the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions will also take care of the special group’s “warm heart” action, collective negotiation “quality improvement and efficiency” action, “Shi Huixing” inclusive service “iteration upgrade”Action, implement the “strong base promotion” project of service positions, improve and improve the standardized rights protection service system of “inclusiveness+specialty”, and continuously improve the sense of gain, happiness, and security of employees, and contribute to the construction of healthy China.
(Hebei Workers’ Daily Reporter is superb)
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