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  In recent years, Jiangyou City, Mianyang, Sichuan Province, has been based on its own tourism resource endowment. It is guided by the development concept of tourism in the whole region, and has taken a road of high -quality development in tourism.
  From changing “advantageous tourism resources” to “special tourism capital”, to “single sightseeing tourism” to “diverse leisure tourism”, to the “traditional scenic area model” to “global tourism environment”, Jiangyou has always been closely linked to the pulse of the times,Put the development of global tourism in an important position.
  In terms of the construction of tourism infrastructure and supporting facilities, Jiangyou City is doing its best to make precision, and is a 110 -kilometer rural slow life experience belt in the south and a rural recreation and leisure zone of 100 kilometers in the north;”Last 1 -kilometer”, build a “fast travel and slow travel” global tourism greenway network system; in accordance with the standards of the national 4A -level tourist attractions, improve the tourism identification system of the business centers of the five major districts of the old city, Mingyue, Haoyue, Sanhe, and ChangmingPublic service facilities; improve the construction of “code on the river”, create a comprehensive smart tourism platform, promote the construction of smart tourism scenic spots, and accelerate the realization of “one mobile phone tour Jiang oil”.
  In terms of tourism projects, in order to brighten the “Li Bai’s Hometown” gold signboard, build a romantic poetic poetic Jiangyou City with a “Jingcheng one”.; Vigorously promote the upgrading of the Douyu Mountain Scenic Area, do a good job of “Cultural Sacred Mountain”, “Beautiful Fairy Mountain”, “Tourist Mountain”, three major articles; promote the four major demonstration scenic spots including Songhualing Aviation Cultural Tourism Industrial Park, and the former residence of Wang Youmu, etc.The construction of the “1+4+3” boutique scenic spots formed by the three major red tourism scenic spots; integrating tourist resources around Fang Special Park, and piloted the tourist bus line from Fangte Park to Li Bai’s former residence, Dou Yishan, Xin’an China Agricultural Park, etc.Special+”series tourism group products.
  In terms of new tourism business format, Jiangyou City actively expands the “food, housing, purchasing, traveling, learning, and traveling” industry chain, launched the “Taibai Meijiu” format, “Taibai Youli” products, “Li Baibi You You Jiangyou” line, “Youth Li Bai’s “research,” Taibai Camp “camping and other series of tourism brands and tourism products, with” food, music, competition “as the starting point to form a” 13N “Jiangyou rural cultural tourism festival system.
  At present, Jiangyou City has been awarded the title of China ’s outstanding tourist cities, national leisure agriculture and rural tourism demonstration counties, Tianfu tourism counties, and Sichuan provincial -level tourism demonstration zones.
  With the “Three -Year Action Plan for the Construction of Jiangyou Featured Tourism Destinations”, the new picture of the tourism industry development in Jiangyou City has been painted in the future.According to the plan, Jiangyou City will strive to fully start the “Li Bai’s Hometown Poetry Jiangyou” cultural tourism brand by the end of 2025. The value -added of cultural and tourism accounts for 27 % of the city’s GDP.(Huang Lan) 
  In recent years, Naxi District, Luzhou City, Sichuan Province, adheres to the principles of “protection, rescue first, reasonable utilization, inheritance and development”, and strive to promote the protection, living inheritance and development of intangible cultural heritage, and strive to make intangible cultural heritage heritageStay, live, and spread.
  Focus on “protection+” and protect the historical context of non -heritage.The first is to establish non -heritage archives, conduct a survey of non -heritage resources, establish dynamic management accounts, properly preserve physical and materials, and improve the protection and inheritance system of “base+inheritors”.As of now, a total of 30 non -heritage archives have been established.The second is to carry out the construction of rescue recording projects, and conduct comprehensive system records of provincial and municipal non -heritage representative projects and representative inheritors such as “Yongning River Shipwriters” and “Moving Lion”.4 provincial inheritors.
  Focus on “inheritance+” to enhance the vitality of non -relics.The first is to build a transmission facility system, build three provincial non -remaining inspection bases including “protecting the country vinegar” and “Naxi Folk Song”, and three biography bases such as the “Guardian Vinegar Book of Vinegar” and “Yang’s Popular Posterios”.Averaged more than 60 activities and 50,000 audiences.The second is to promote non -heritage “seeing people and seeing life”, create three inheritance bases in Yifu Experimental Primary School, Jiangnan Vocational Middle School, Tianxian Town Yinluo Elementary School, write inheritance of school -based textbooks, and adapt “Naxi folk songs” to class dance.Organize more than 50 non -heritage campus activities in the annual organization and participate in more than 20,000 students; organize more than 40 non -heritage enterprises, enter shopping malls and other activities.The event has gradually become a local cultural activity brand.

  Focus on “integration+” to broaden the space for non -heritage development.The first is to promote the integration and development of the “non -heritage+park”, take the opportunity of the core area of the western craftsman city, to build a whole industrial development park that is integrated, and support the construction of “non -genetic practice institutes” and “vinegar cultural exhibition halls”.The experience lines of integrated research, cultural and creative workshops, folklore inheritance, and leisure shopping are integrated.The second is to promote the integration and development of “non -heritage+tourism”. With the opportunity of the “Sichuan South folk Song” to settle in the Ancient Town of Ledao, experts and scholars invite experts and scholars to come to Naxi to collect style, academic research, and artistic instructions to enhance the popularity of Naxi non -heritage;The “Non -Heritage Scenic Area” showed more than 200 shows, attracting more than 4 million tourists, increasing tourism income of about 4 billion yuan.The third is to promote the integration and development of “non -heritage+project”, apply for special support funds of 600,000 yuan, and compile a list of three projects including “Naxi folk songs” and “move lion” to promote the “traditional brewing technique of vinegar in the country” “25 projects such as the sac -sac “and other industries are integrated with the relevant industries; actively organized non -heritage products to participate in performance activities and live broadcast activities such as” Cultural and Natural Heritage Day “and” Sichuan Non -Heritage Shopping Festival “, which drives more than 50,000 people around the surrounding people to increase their incomeIt reached 2 billion yuan.(Xu Chunyan) 

  ”The environment of the toilet and scenic spot here is very good, the environment is very good, and the travel experience is great. From these guided street signs and logos, you can feel the care of the scenic area for tourists.” In March, Ms. Tang, Shaanxi, came to Sichuan Province in Sichuan Province.Play in Tongjiang County, Bazhong City, and praised the tourist toilets in the Wangping Tourist Scenic Spot of the county in the county.
  Travel toilets are an indispensable basic element for the construction of tourist destinations, and it is also an important support for the tourist destination service environment.The tourist toilets at the beginning of the first heart square of the Wangping Tourist Scenic Spot of Sichuan and Shaanxi District strictly follow the standards of 3A tourist toilet standards. The smart public toilet guidance system is installed. Visitors can visually master the use of the toilet squats, temperature and humidity, air quality, people, people, people, people, people, and trafficFor weather and other information, the cleaners can accurately clean the toilet according to the system information.
  Ecological environmental protection is greener
  It is worth mentioning that all toilets in the Wangping Tourist Scenic Spot of Sichuan and Shaanxi District have set up an ecological circulation system. The stool enters the independent intelligent biodegradation treatment system through a connection device., Liquid organic fertilizer, does not cause pollution to the environment, effectively prevent virus transmission.
  At the entrance of the Tremella Hermore Museum Visitor Center, a tourist toilet that integrates environmental protection, intelligence, and humanization has become a beautiful landscape in the scenic area.”The trees around this toilet are surrounded by trees and beautiful environment. The family toilet is equipped with adult toilet and children’s toilet, and is equipped with a multi -functional child care platform and safety seats for infants and young children. It is very convenient to bring children out to play.” Said Mr. Huang, a tourist.
  In order to improve the satisfaction of tourists, the smart tourist toilets of the Tremella Museum of Tongjiang are built at 2: 3 according to the proportion of men’s and women’s toilets. There are 6 men’s toilets and 9 women’s toilets, and they are equipped with family toilets and management rooms.
  In addition, the smart tourist toilet of the Tremella Museum of Tremella, so “smart ecology, environmental protection toilet” is the goal, establish an ecological manure treatment system and combine environmental protection integrated stool systems, concentrate and kill toilet manure, Realize the ecological cycle.
  As of the end of 2023, Tongjiang County has built 88 tourist toilets, with a total construction area of 7742.9 square meters and a total investment of 550.63 million yuan.The completion rate reaches 100%.At present, there are standardized tourist toilets in the scenic spots, traffic distribution points, rural tourism spots, rural tourism spots, business tourism spots, business tourism spots, tourism restaurants, urban parks (squares), leisure pedestrian blocks, tourist and entertainment venues, etc.
  Wisdom upgrade is more intimate
  The “Toilet Revolution” has driven the upgrade of the supporting public services of the whole region. Through the clever integration of landscape and toilet, tourists can intuitively feel the uniqueness of the local landscape and the humanistic care of the scenic area.
  How to realize the transition from the increase in quantity to quality in tourism toilets?Tongjiang County actively promotes the establishment of a high -efficiency “one toilet, one yard” new Internet management system. It will carry out pilot work in the toilets such as Wangping Scenic Area, Tremella Museum, Kongshan Memorial Park, Gaoming New District Lakebin Plaza, and Wanshan Forest Park.The QR code of information query and feedback such as feedback is posted on a eye -catching place in tourist toilets, guiding citizens and tourists to evaluate, suggestions and complaints on the construction of the toilet construction.
  According to the relevant person in charge of Tongjiang County Cultural Radio and Television and Tourism Bureau, since the establishment of a smart toilet management system, a number of feedback has been received. By screening the classification, the collected suggestions and complaint content are organized as a book. The competent unit will handle it.As a result, the smart toilet management system replied one by one and publicized in the form of documents. Citizens and tourists were invited to evaluate and continuously improved the tourism toilet evaluation mechanism.
  In terms of smart tourism toilet service management, Tongjiang County has achieved full coverage of wireless networks to further enhance the software construction of tourist toilets.Innovate a whole set of special management system for tourist toilets, publicize the toilet name or number, open time, cleaning personnel name, supervision phone calls, etc. at the entrance of the tourist toilet, and also make relevant records and archives for the construction and operation of the toilet.
  At the same time, Tongjiang County has also established a management mechanism for environmental sanitation and hygiene in tourism toilet to implement a special person responsible for the full -time cleaning system; posting scenery paintings and civilized tourism publicity in the toilet, enriching the cultural connotation of the toilet, creating a good civilization environment enrollment environmentEssence