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Cover reporter Zhang Xuan Li Xuedan
On February 27, the “Chengdu Accelerating the Implementation Plan of the Consumer Center Cities” was issued.The “Implementation Plan” includes two and seven sectors, which clarifies Chengdu’s key tasks to accelerate the construction of international consumer center cities. It will implement the construction of new consumer new highlands construction, new space creation, new consumption scene creation, new model cultivation of consumption, and a new pattern of consumption.Build and consumer new environment to create six major projects.
In the new language, the integration and innovation of business has become an important proposition.Facing the complex market environment, it is both a challenge and an opportunity for major commercial projects.New consumption scenarios based on their own characteristics not only provide consumers with a variety of choices, but also continue to improve everyone’s visit experience.At the same time, in the face of profound changes in consumer methods and consumption demands, various physical business needs to be combined with brands and formats that are closer to consumer needs to stimulate residents’ consumer potential.
On March 28, the cover news held a commercial salon with the theme of “digital empowerment unlocking commercial gameplay”.Representatives from business representatives of business representatives such as Taiku Li, Chengdu IFS, Times Outlets, Wenjiang Hezhenghui, Gaoxinhe Square Plaza, Tianfu Huanyufang, Hope Outlets, Suning Tesco Plaza, Maoye Commercial Southwest Region and other commercial representatives gathered together, and then they gathered together.Communicate the hot issues that the industry pays attention to and share the highlights of the project “out of the circle”.
Interactive experience space, intelligent shopping guide digitalization of business space
How to empower all kinds of cool new technology methods?Many commercial projects are exploring.The interaction between shopping malls and technology is not only reflected in the cool space content, but also in the interaction of business operations.For example, some shopping malls use drones and online distribution systems to realize the three -kilometer -range speed distribution, automated intelligent parking, and so on.Through big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies, you can accurately analyze consumer needs and behaviors, provide merchants with more accurate decision -making support, and optimize the product structure.
Lu Cong, person in charge of the market leader of the New Metropolis Suning Tesco Plaza: Looking forward to creating a new scene of innovative digital shopping
How to use “digitalization” to promote the upgrading of shopping mall/brand operations?How to create innovative and practical new science and technology scenes to attract consumers’ focus?The integration of business and technology is becoming the mainstream trend of today’s society. The application of cutting -edge virtual reality space technology in cultural entertainment consumption scenarios has attracted much attention.At the event site, Lu Cong, the person in charge of the market in Xindu Suning Tesco Plaza, showed a strong interest in the application of digitalization in the shopping experience scenario of digitalization.In addition to malls are generally using AR and VR (virtual reality) and other technologies, wearing magic mirrors, self -service cash registers and other equipment.EssenceHe hopes that the mall can make full use of digital technology to create a new scene and effectively display the preferential information and activities of the product, thereby further enhancing the customer’s interactive experience.
Liu Xiaoxiao, the person in charge of the market in the southwest region of Maoye Business: I hope to use digital technology to accurately reach members to enhance the consumer experience
Liu Xiaoyan, the person in charge of the market in the southwest region of Maoye Commercial, analyzed the opportunities and challenges facing business under the wave of digitalization.She pointed out that Maoye Business is actively exploring digital paths, hoping to use digital tools and platforms to optimize membership information and experience, push accurate and value information to enhance membership satisfaction and discover potential customers.Maoye Group’s business covers a variety of commercial forms such as department stores, shopping malls, Ole stores, and community stores. It has a huge member volume and has a large degree of activity.Maoye’s business expects to stimulate the consumption potential of customers through digitalization and expand new potential customers.In terms of information dissemination, Maoye Business pointed out that members need to screen interest content from massive information.To this end, Maoye’s business expects to use digital technology to provide members with convenient information screening and acquisition methods to ensure accurate content.
Just go shopping?How to pull consumption while satisfying consumers’ emotional value
In recent years, the new generation of consumers have paid more attention to interest consumption and emotional value consumption.The emotional value provided by the offline commercial space is irreplaceable for online consumption. Some shopping malls build consumer scenarios with elements such as national winds and national tide, which can make the malls more cultural and experienced value, increase young main consumer consumer groups to stroll the entity of entitiesBusiness interest.The immersive theme exhibition and the neighborhood have gradually become a “out” net red punch place in the eyes of consumers, showing a strong clinging effect.At the same time, the sports format has also become a key link for shopping malls and consumers to establish deep emotional links, especially the emerging sports space created by consumers ‘needs, which meets the needs of consumers’ pursuit of healthy lifestyle and diversified social activities.
Tang Yu, general manager of the West China Regional Regional West: Innovation strategy leads the new trend of consumption, and He Shenghui builds a diversified experience space to enhance consumption interest
How to expand consumer interest and consumption, both shopping and buying?In this regard, Tang Yu, general manager of the West China Regional West China, said that first of all, Chengdu Wenjiang Heshenghui has enriched the scope of consumers through the introduction of 110 new brands and 38 first stores.The logic behind this strategy is to create uniqueness and freshness. This is the key to attract consumers to enter the store and stimulate the desire to buy.The new brand and the first store not only provide a variety of product options, but also bring the joy and joy of exploring and discovery to consumers, thereby effectively breaking the phenomenon of “only shopping and not buying”.
Secondly, more than 20 large -scale events are organized, including IP co -branded and celebrities to provide unique shopping experience and social space.These activities not only increase the attractiveness of the mall, but also meet consumers’ needs for social interaction and cultural experience.In addition, Heshenghui has improved the function and space design of the block, introduced a variety of new energy vehicle brands and life entertainment brands, and created a diversified experience space integrating shopping, entertainment, and leisure.Create a diversified experience space to meet consumers’ pursuit of high -quality life.In the end, Heshenghui focused on improving the overall experience of consumers, introduced the latest technology and member service innovation, and provided customers with a more convenient and comfortable shopping environment.Whether it is the smart shopping guide system, the “He Shengtong” member management system, and the personalized services of over 100 member communities, they aim to provide more intimate and exclusive services to meet the needs of consumers’ emotional values.Through the implementation of these strategies, He Shenghui not only successfully broke the phenomenon of “only shopping”, but also profoundly satisfied the emotional value of consumers, realized the deep link between the shopping mall and consumers, and for the future sustainable sustainable future can be sustainableDevelopment lays a solid foundation.
Guo Tianrong, the person in charge of the promotion of Tianfu & Right Bank Huanyufang: In -depth integration of business and communities to create a consumer experience with temperature
Although the project location is not a golden area, Tianfu & Right Bank Huanyufang has achieved a steady growth of performance and passenger flow with its innovative community business concept.Guo Tianrong, the person in charge of the promotion of Tianfu & Right Bank Huanyu Fang, said that as a community business industry of 50,000 square meters, the average passenger flow of more than 30,000 on the weekend of the mall shows a strong market attraction.Faced with the transformation of consumer shopping behavior, Guo Tianrong, the person in charge of the promotion of Tianfu & right bank, said that consumers now pay more attention to cost -effectiveness and lifestyle, not just shopping itself.To this end, the mall is brightened through space, excavated and used cold and unsolvioled areas to create diversified scenarios such as public welfare libraries and pet -friendly space at their own expense to provide consumers with emotional value.At the same time, the mall also actively cooperated with communities, schools, hospitals and other to carry out convenience services and cultural activities to achieve deep integration of business and communities.These measures not only enhanced the emotional connection between shopping malls and surrounding residents, but also brought it stable passenger flow and potential consumption opportunities, showing a model for win -win business and communities.
The urban temperament of openness and tolerance of Chengdu and Naibachuan has also derived diverse living characteristics and needs. The commercial market has evolved, and it has also created diversity in tolerance and enriches people’s life entertainment.In the development of urban commerce, in the development of the keen market insight, grasp consumer needs and preferences, and continuously improve the scene design, brand and business combination, build differentiated competitive advantages, and attract more consumer groups.
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