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  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, March 19th (Reporter Li Jia) At the Chinese Middle Student Curling Championships held at the end of 2023, the Beijing Chen Jinglun Middle School Jiaming Branch team killed the siege and won the two championships in the male and female group B.This is the first time that this school community team established in 2017 has won the championship in national competitions. Earlier, they have won the city -level and district -level championship many times.

  In addition to the curling, Beijing Jinglun Middle School Jiaming has also achieved good results in short track speed skating, pattern skating (queue skating) and ice hockey projects.Since 2015, the school has created a “ice fleet” in nearly 9 years.The seeds of the ice and snow sports are rooted here, and in the post -winter Olympics era, it is full of vitality.

  Curling, ice hockey, short track speed skating and figure skating are four characteristic communities of the ice and snow of Jiaming, the Jiaming School of Chen Jinglun Middle School in Beijing.In 2015, with the opportunity for successful bidding for the Beijing Winter Olympics, the principal Li Shenghua was determined to allow students to experience diversified sports.Through the ice and snow experience activities, 90%of children have been ice, and the school has also established four communities in ice and snow from the ice hockey project.

  ”Compared to common sports such as track and field and three major balls, children in Beijing are relatively rarely the opportunity to participate in ice and snow sports. If the school can provide children with opportunities to experience and experience, I think it can have a certain appeal and influence and influence.Force, thereby driving more students to love the ice and snow project. In the beginning, we made four communities of ice and snow with a simple wish. I hope that all children of Jiaming can understand the Winter Olympics and participate in the experience ice and snow sports. “LiSublimation said.

  The principal’s simple wishes buried a seed, and Liu Yuzheng, director of the student activity center of Jiaming, used a strong execution to make the seeds bud and flowers.Liu Yuzheng became a physical education teacher in 2008. Since 2015, he has undertaken the work of the school ice and snow club.In the beginning, there was no venue and no funds at the beginning, and he started from 6 children in the ice hockey project and established four projects in 2017. Now these communities are strong and strong, and there are about 200 people in the trainers.Essence

  In order to find the right training venue, Liu Yuzheng ran through the big and small ice rinks in Beijing.”Now there are more than 70 ice rinks in Beijing, about 40 yuan in 2015. I have been all of my ice rinks, and wherever they are cheap, they will rent the venue.” He said.

  When the early conditions were arduous, Liu Yuzheng took the students to training more than 20 kilometers away from the school after school.Later, the Chaoyang District Education Commission provided special funding support for the school. There were more ice rinks near the school, and the training of several associations turned to a relatively close ice rink.Nevertheless, due to the high rent of the ice project, Liu Yuzheng and the students can save it, and sometimes have to choose a remote period.

  Now Liu Yuzheng and three other physical education teachers are responsible for the four communities of ice and snow.Because training and competition time is after school and weekend, several teachers often work overtime, and there are almost no holidays. “Where is the student, we are where we are.” Liu Yuzheng said that he sometimes runs three ice rinks a day to communicate with parents.Help students wear equipment to solve various problems.After the student’s training was over, he finally left.Sometimes it is necessary to help students get a car and send students with difficulties home.”If you don’t accompany you, some children will be retired after a while. The teacher will pay attention to it before the parents will follow. Sometimes parents will want to give up, and the teacher needs to encourage.”

  What makes Liu Yuyi and colleagues feel relieved is the changes that the ice community brings to the students.He said: “There is a sixth grade child in the short track speed team, which I dug from his first grade. We have been communicating with parents. The child’s attendance rate is very good., Now I got the ranking in the league of primary and secondary school students across the country. There is also a sixth grade girl of a curling team, which has developed the habit of writing a training diary. After the competition, they will draw a picture and summarize themselves.Children, growing into small athletes with concentration and willpower, have changed too much. “

  Zhang Xincheng in the sixth grade is a girl who is a habit of painting tactical drawings mentioned by the teacher. She has practiced the curling for three years and has a lot of gains.”At that time, when I saw a new announcement of the school community, I wanted to try it. At that time, I was the youngest in the society, only three grades.” She said.”I learned the curling and taught me to face the difficulties calmly. I am not impatient in my mentality. I hope I can participate in more competitions in the future. I also hope that more people can understand the curling and like curling.”

  Zhang Xincheng has written a training diary of a laptop. There are not only text but also tactical maps in the diary.”What tactics made in the game, I painted it on the book and practiced again during training.”

  Li Shenghan in the fourth grade has just been studying the curling for half a year. Each training is completed by himself, and he is often the last one. Liu Yuzheng said that he “can’t catch away.””I knew the curling from the Beijing Winter Olympics, and later joined the school community. Learning the curling made me react faster, and I could think more when I thought about things. I want to practice more for a while and improve meThe core strength and technology. “Li Shenghan said.

  From the perspective of principal Li Shenghua, whether it is education or sports, he needs love, feelings, and persistence.Although the Beijing Winter Olympics is over, the development of the school’s specialty community will continue.

  ”Since the children have already loved (four items of ice and snow), and formed a echelon from elementary school to junior high school, I think we still have to insist on making it. After the Olympic GamesMore children can participate, “she said.

  Through the development of the four communities of ice and snow, Li Shenghua also had a deeper understanding of the educational function of sports.”I am very happy that the children have achieved good results, but I think honor is only an attachment, and it is a natural result. The courage and confidence they show on the field are the most important. I appreciate the children of the ice hockey society on the courtThe galloping and killing, an unprecedented gesture, also admired the children of the children of the curling community to show their heart and wisdom. “

  Now Chen Jinglun Middle School Jiaming’s four communities have 200 members of the ice and snow. They are one of the strongest teams with the strongest ice and snow sports strength in Chaoyang District.The most prominent curling team has 60 players, divided into three echelons, forming a 9 -year penetration training in primary schools and junior high schools. It is also the only curling team in Chaoyang District.In addition, the team members of the school ice hockey team have been selected as the National Young Team and Beijing Team. The school’s short -track skating team and the figure skating team have also achieved good results in the Beijing competition.As of 2023, 14 students in Jiaming have received the title of national second -level athletes.

  Li Shenghua believes that compared with a few children who help a small number of sports talents, it is more important to provide a platform for all children to provide comprehensive development platforms.

  ”Sports show a variety of beauty. The feeling of children on the sports field is particularly beautiful. The school should give them the guarantee and support for developing sports. If the children can develop better through ice and snow sports in the future, I think it should be given to itThey provide such a channel and support so that all children can give full play to specialties and develop hobbies. The school should serve the children’s future life. This is a high -level service, that is, forging talents, let him (her) be inGive play to specialties and create a better future. “

  The hotness of the “Ice Fleet” has also led to the vigorous development of the summer project community. At present, the school has more than 30 communities including football, basketball, and tennis.

  Li Shenghua hopes that the school’s specialty sports society can continue to innovate and better serve the children.To this end, she deliberately incorporated the work of society into the assessment system of physical education teachers.