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  On the evening of March 20th, the international designer brand show “China -Europe Fashion Life” appeared on the ONE Avenue Central Street, Zhuoyue Center, Futian District, Shenzhen.China -Europe design collisions, wipe out different fashion sparks. By setting up the China -Europe fashion exchange platform, it promotes the two -way flow and integration of the fashion industry, brand, and designers.Shenzhen has accelerated the construction of a more global economic central city and a modern international metropolis to contribute to the power of Futian.Jiang Jianjun, vice chairman of the Shenzhen CPPCC, Zhang Hairong, member of the Standing Committee of the Futian District Committee and Minister of Propaganda Department attended the event.

The charm of China -Europe fashion exchanges continues to bloom international designer brands in Shenzhen Central Business District_FORORORDER_ Picture 1

Figure Figure Figure Figure Figure Futian District Party Committee Propaganda Department

  China -Europe Design Brand Joint Walking Show Fashion Get shining Futian

  A total of 8 China -EU fashion designer brands including Mossi, Raxxy, Isabelle Anselot, Vmajor, Maison Mai, MyO, MAITREPIERRE, STEVEN PASSARO, all appeared at Milan Fashion Week, which made the International Fashion Week wonderful at Milan Fashion Week or Paris Fashion Week.Creative and design blooms in Futian, and presents the aesthetic feast of the interchange, exchanges and blending of the East and the West.

  Release the Bay Area Sustainable Fashion Alliance actively build a platform for industry and commerce integration

  This event also released the Bay Area Sustainable Fashion Alliance. The alliance aims to take “sustainable fashion” as the entry port. Under the trend of the “circular economy” of the 14th Five -Year Plan, from the consumer side (Bay Area Fashion Headquarters Center)The two ends of the manufacturing side (member of the Bay Area Sustainable Fashion Alliance) are jointly exerted to provide a win -win situation for the fashion industry innovation system solution to promote the fashion industry to achieve high -quality development and green development.

  Four -lap linkage fashion multi -dimensional fusion

  On the morning of March 21, the Futian International Fashion Promotion Conference was held on the Shenzhen Festival Avenue.The event uses the advantages of the three major industries of Futian District Finance, Science and Technology, and Fashion. More than 60 guests including financial circles, technology circles, fashion circles, business district companies, and international designers are invited to discuss multidimensional integration of different industries and promote the exchange of Chinese and European fashion brands.The atmosphere of the on -site exchange was warm.Lin Zhiping, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Futian District People’s Congress, attended the event.

  The promotion meeting showed Futian District’s firm determination to promote high -quality development, high -quality business environment and super “magnetic field power” to promote the development of finance, science and technology innovation, and the development of fashion and business., Create opportunities, build platforms, and establish mechanisms for Chinese brands to settle in the central urban area.

  The representatives of financial circles, technology circles, fashion circles, and business district companies are promoted according to their own industry characteristics to promote fashion trends, fashion design, fashion communication and other fashion high -end industry chains, fashion AI design platforms, fashion e -commerce, smart wear and other fashion technology technologyThe chain has achieved value linkage with fashion investment financing and fashion business districts, promoting the in -depth exchanges of all parties and the transformation of the results of investment promotion.International designers participating in the docking meeting also introduced their original design brands.

  Among them, international brands are interested in opening Showroom with Chinese designer brands in foreign iconic historical buildings. Through the collision of Chinese and Western cultures, it is promoted in the international fashion capital.

  Fashion City Walk deeply feels charming Fukuda

  On the afternoon of March 21, international designers visited fashion landmarks such as Zhuoyue Center Business District and Bay Area Fashion Headquarters Center to understand the development of Shenzhen’s fashion industry.

  Learn from the Zhuoyue Center to learn about the design layout, project positioning, and the brand and brand of the large business district of Futian, introduce the development of the consumer market in Futian District, and call on more fashion consumer brands to come to Futian to set up the first store.