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On May 22, China ’s largest sports retail operator Tao Bou (HK.06110) announced that it has established a strategic partnership with the Canadian high -end off -road running brand NORDA. Tao Bou will be the exclusive operating partner of the Norda in the Chinese market. It is independently responsible for NORDA.Key tasks such as brand promotion, marketing, global operations, and consumer operation in the Chinese market.

Data show that Norda was born in Montreal, Canada, and was founded by extreme endurance athlete Nick Martire and Willa Martire in 2020. It is committed to providing the most advanced performance off -road running shoes.As a new star in the high -end off -road running market, in 2021, the Norda brand’s first product 001 series, as the world’s first seamless off -road running shoes, was sought after by off -road runners and street fashion players once it was launched.Earlier, Norda also received equity investment from the Italian luxury group Ermenegildo Zegna (Jenia).

As Nike and Adidas, the largest retail operator in China, the fighting in the field of sports and retail has been cultivated for more than 20 years. It has a retail network that covers different levels of cities in different levels in the country and has been sinking in depth.Tightly partnerships.Previously, from March 1st, 2023 to August 31, 2023, the company achieved revenue of 14.18 billion yuan and net profit of 1.34 billion yuan, obtaining a year -on -year increase of 7.3%and 16.7%, respectively.Increase 16.2%.

Speaking of this cooperation, CEO Yu Wu said: “Off -road running is a great potential sports segmentation track. Norda focuses on off -road running equipment and has outstanding performance in product performance and appearance design. We believe inNORDA’s professional advantages in product innovation, combining the deep experience in the retail market and consumer operation level, will form a strong joint force, and we also look forward to the new pattern of the brand’s development in the Chinese market. “

It is understood that the Chinese off -road running market is in a rapid development stage. With the popularity of healthy lifestyles, more and more outdoor sports enthusiasts have joined the ranks of off -road running, and their demand for high -performance and professional equipment is increasing.In this cooperation, Tao Rou will not only be used as a sports retail operator, but will fully participate in the development of the brand in the Chinese market. In the futureOperations and other methods to show consumers in all aspects to show Norda brands and products, and establish a connection between Norda with domestic off -road runners and broader outdoor sports enthusiasts through various paths to help Norda expand in the Chinese market.

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