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  On March 24, the reporter learned from the League Provincial Party Committee that the Guangdong Youth Psychological Health Volunteer Service Corps (hereinafter referred to as the “Volunteer Service Corps”) was officially established., Cover the provincial, cities and counties level three.

  On the same day, the first lecture on the establishment ceremony of the Guangdong Provincial Youth Psychological Health Volunteer Service Corps and the youth mental health education volunteer service sponsored by the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Party Committee of the Provincial Volunteer and the Provincial Psychological Health Association were lectured at South China Normal University.Hold.

  The Captain of the Volunteer Service Corps is Jia Fujun, a member of the Student Health Working Committee of the Ministry of Education, and the president of the Provincial Psychological Health Association.Volunteer composition.

  ”Carrying out youth mental health education is related to the healthy growth of adolescents, related to the happiness of tens of millions of families, and the future development of the country and nation.. “The relevant person in charge of the Provincial Volunteer Federation pointed out that next, the Provincial Volunteer Federation must build a content system of scientific and effective mental health education, create an influential communication system, and build the psychological health of home -school social medicineEducation collaboration system.

  It is reported that the Volunteer Service Corps is mainly for the provincial psychological health association and alliance units, local psychological associations (scholars), medical and health institutions, large and middle school schools, social psychological service agencies, and psychological health education professional institutions to carry out professional volunteer recruitment.In addition, there are also special working groups such as psychological health education guidance training, psychological treatment (consulting) supervision, psychological assistance and treatment (consulting), psychological health science popularization activities, focusing on young psychological health issues, and carried out youth psychological counseling in the province.Volunteer service activities such as case handling, crisis intervention, and popular science publicity.

  ”After the establishment of the Corps, a thousand psychological and psychological experts and professional psychological teachers will be organized in the province as an expert on psychological health volunteer service experts.Approve the Guangdong Youth Psychological Health Volunteer Service Base, and carry out a series of youth mental health volunteer service activities, “said the relevant person in charge of the Communist Youth League., Guangdong Learning Reporter He Yorou

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