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Beijing News (Reporter Liu Siwei intern Zhang Xinhui) On April 29, a 12 -year -old girl Xiao Chen, a 12 -year -old girl in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, stopped the breathing heartbeat during the school sports meeting.On May 22, a reporter from the Beijing News learned from his father’s father that considering that continuing treatment was not significant, his family members voluntarily gave up treatment on May 21 and were discharged from the hospital. Xiao Chen died at 19:00 that day.The local education department said that the school is communicating with parents and coordinating the matter, and provided corresponding help for the family members of the students.
Xiaochen’s father, Mr. Zhang, told the Beijing News that Xiaochen was a sixth grade student in Yintai Elementary School in Zhengdong New District, Zhengzhou City. On April 29, the school held a sports meeting and Xiao Chen signed up for a 100m and 200 -meter running competition.At around 14:40, Xiao Chen’s mother received a teacher call and learned that Xiao Chen fainted during the game.When Xiaochen’s mother arrived, she saw someone at the scene doing artificial breathing for Xiao Chen.
According to the emergency medical records of Xiao Chen on April 29 provided by Mr. Zhang, Xiao Chen was sent to the emergency room at 15:50. The preliminary diagnosis was sudden death, incomplete heart function, and heart -based shock.
The diagnostic certificate issued by the hospital shows that during the hospital hospitalization, the consciousness was deeply coma, with no autonomous breathing, and in line with the standard of brain death diagnosis.After discussing the family members, they understand the danger of the condition. Considering that the treatment costs are large, the long -term prognosis is poor. After repeatedly communicated the condition, the family members asked to be discharged automatically and voluntarily assumed all the risks and consequences brought by it.Democratic discharge procedures.
“Children are painful every day. They can only maintain their lives by interpolation. I can’t see hope. The doctor also persuaded us to four or five times, and it doesn’t make sense to let the child suffer.” Mr. Zhang said.
Mr. Zhang believes that the school should be liable for Xiao Chen’s treatment, and the school currently pays 150,000 yuan in medical expenses for Xiaochen.
At 14 o’clock on May 22, the staff of the Zhengdong New District Cultural Education and Sports Bureau told the Beijing News that the school is communicating with parents and coordinating the matter. The school provides corresponding help for parents’ difficulties.
The staff of Yuntai Elementary School said that the school was communicating and coordinating with parents, and the follow -up matters were still being dealt with.
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