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In April, a rumor of “ZARA will gradually withdraw from the Chinese market” caused heated discussions. The brand’s response was false news. The Chinese market is an important strategic market in ZARA.But the indisputable fact is that in recent years, the European and American fast fashion brands with ZARA as an example have encountered great challenges in China.Pour the time back to the first 10 years of the 21st century, and the fast fashion brand collectively enters China and expands rapidly.According to the public financial report of Zara’s parent company Inditex, in its heyday, up to 183 stores in the Chinese mainland market.However, in just six years, ZARA closed nearly a hundred stores.

The European and American fast fashion brands have been sought after by young people in China. Today, the post -90s and post -00s young people have more choices -well -known fast luxury fashion brand Urban Revivo (hereinafter referred to as UR) is an excellent native clothing brand represented by itIt is showing the strength of the old -fashioned fast -fashion brand to resist the strength. The development momentum is strong: From the perspective of the market response, UR was listed in 618 in 2023.UR has exceeded 400 stores in Chinese stores. Even if the epidemic is three years old, more than 50 stores are added each year.Behind the realization of breakthrough growth is that the UR insights have changed the demand for consumers for fashion clothing, and always maintains a forward -looking trend.

Hug change, follow consumers to seek new demands

Fast fashion still has huge market demand, but the brand’s challenges are even greater.Actively embracing changes and entering advanced development is a problem that all brands cannot bypass.

Traditional international fast fashion giants are at its peak at the beginning of the domestic market. Facing the rapid changes and competition in the Chinese market, they have failed to evolve.For example, the international fast fashion brand products do not match the demand of domestic consumers in size, style and quality, and in the face of the explosive growth of e -commerce in the Chinese market, international fast fashion giants seem to fail to grasp the bonus.This also gives the brand opportunity that really pays attention to the needs of consumers. The UR follows the market to grow and transform rapidly, seize the opportunities of traditional e -commerce, content e -commerce and interest e -commerce.Get online and offline breakthroughs.

On the other hand, UR re -upgraded the brand as early as 2015. By creating high -end development methods such as offline luxury stores, pioneers aesthetics, and quality upgrades, the brand positioning of “fast luxury fashion” was reshaped.It is slightly the same as the high -end strategic transformation proposed by ZARA in 2022, but it often determines the fate of the company.

As one of the fast -fashioned business models, “Kaidian Store” was once a treasure that was learned by Chinese brands.However, in the market for many years, the UR realized that the big store has become the standard for fast fashion, so it launched the concept of “Thousands of Stores and Thousands”, that is, on the original high -quality store, it creates a unique store experience.In February of this year, UR opened the first flagship store in Shanghai in the four seasons of Wujiang Road. With a unique luxury image and aesthetic design, it successfully attracted the attention of many consumers.The logic of the UR store’s thinking obviously leads to the significance outside the sales -where the dialogue and experience with users have.It is by no means only the purpose of sales, and it is not just the creation of sound volume. It is an imagination that creates a fashion place.

UR Shanghai Flat Flagship Store, Wujiang Road, Shanghai, Wujiang Road

At the same time, in line with the international aesthetic blockbuster to launch internationally, to convey the brand concept.In the first half of this year, the spring and summer blockbusters launched by the UR showed a unique neat urban style.Showing pioneer aesthetics from an international perspective, UR brings consumers a “leading step” aesthetic insight.

UR2024 summer blockbuster

Store goes to sea and face overseas consumers

While achieving a significant growth in China, the UR overseas development has also shown a new trend.As early as 2016, before the upsurge of the sea, UR chose to open overseas “copy” at highlights.

Li Mingguang, chairman and chief executive officer of FMG Group (parent company), said that we have two purposes in internationalization. One is the corporate vision. The vision of the FMG group is to become the world’s most influential fashion group.Vision cannot be realized; the second is the essential requirements for fashion. If the brand is not international enough, it just proves that it is not fashionable.

Therefore, the UR has opened the first overseas store in Singapore on the 10th anniversary. Compared with the nodes of the head of international counterparts to enter the overseas market, it is even earlier.UR overseas starts to choose a few ways to go. It is neither the hottest channel on the line, nor to achieve the goal of the sea through the acquisition of well -known overseas brands.The reputation broke out of the world.What the UR has to do is to go to sea to go to sea. By expanding offline image shops, facing international brands, facing overseas consumers.

UR Singapore flagship store

A overseas partner from the UR said, “Thai consumers like the UR very much, we will continue to open a store in the local area this year.”At present, the UR has opened stores in Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines and other countries. In the future, it will continue to make a global layout to accelerate the expansion of the brand’s second growth route.

Inspect the outdoor upsurge and make a new track

In addition to overseas layout, the FMG Group also always insists on new market opportunities. After the UR has risen market demand, a new growth engine has been incubated internally, and a leisure light outdoor brand is suitable for the current consumption and fashion trend.Different from the UR, Benlai (originally) cut into leisure light outdoor, and blur the boundaries of urban life and outdoor sports on wearing scenes. It aims to create a world -leading fashion technology and sustainable brand.

The market is changing, and the connotation of product power is also changing. In the past, product power more means cost -effectiveness, and now it emphasizes innovation of function and design.In terms of products, Benlai (originally) emphasizes a comfortable wearing experience and high -quality price ratio. It upgrades traditional cotton and hemp fabrics into performance technology and sustainable fabrics.Integration of brand genes such as technology, quality, comfort, basic, color, sustainable.When performance technology clothing penetrates into daily life, everyone can enjoy a new comfortable dressing experience.

Benlai (originally) 2024 summer blockbuster

For the FMG group, the advantages of multi -brand strategy are significant. It not only breaks through the limitations of the growth ceiling and life cycle of a single brand, but also use the brand portfolio to hedge the operating risk of the group.”Fast Luxury Fashion” and “Leisure and Light Outdoor” are in different segmented categories with huge differences. Through brand combination boxing, FMG Group can play resource advantages in the subdivided field and release scale and synergistic effects.

Although the process of welcome changes is full of uncertainty, what can be determined is that the change is here, and the opportunity will come.Therefore, the clothing brand must actively adapt to the continuous evolution of the market environment and consumer structure, and deepen the differentiation of service experience, product series and category range.It is possible to start a new game when it changes!

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