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The Olympic Qualification Series · Shanghai competition was successfully held in Huangpu Binjiang. The competition attracted many masters to gather in Shencheng and compete for wonderful.While appreciating wonderful competitions, citizens have also risen unprecedentedly, but the projects such as climbing, skateboarding, free -type bicycles, and Perak dance are extremely risky and can easily cause various sports injuries, such as abrasion, strain, scrambled, and scrambles.Dislavic, fractures, etc.

For citizens who want to try these projects, Dr. Gu Xiaoding, the head of the Rehabilitation Medical Division of the Huangpu Branch of the Nine College, gave some practical tips:

1. Make warm -up: warm -up is the core of preparing activities, including aerobic warm -up exercise, dynamic stretching, basic muscle activity, and joint activity. Through warm -up, you can improve heart rate and breathing frequency, activate muscles, increase the flexibility of joints, make the flexibility of joints, so that the flexibility of joints can make the flexibility of the joints, so that the flexibility of the joints can make the flexibility of the joints, so that the flexibility of the joints can make the flexibility of the joint.The body gradually enters the state of exercise and reduces the risk of injury.

2. Diet preparation: Do not eat 2 hours before exercise. Do not drink a lot of water before exercise. It is recommended to drink a small amount of physiological saline in small mouths.

3. Equipment configuration: Check whether the sports equipment is complete and suitable, including sports clothing, shoes, protective gear, etc.Make sure that the equipment can provide sufficient protection and comfort, and avoid injury due to equipment problems during exercise.

4. Psychological adjustment: rest as soon as possible the night before exercise to ensure sufficient sleep.Avoid being too excited or nervous before exercise, maintaining a positive attitude and a good emotional state, helping to better invest in exercise.

If you accidentally damage during exercise, correct emergency treatment is essential for reducing the degree of damage and promoting rehabilitation.

1. Stop hemostasis and clean wounds.For bleeding wounds, hemostasis should be performed immediately.You can use compression and hemostasis, gently press the wound with a clean gauze or handkerchief, and try to keep the pressure and stability as much as possible to avoid excessive effort to increase the wound.After hemostasis, the wound should be cleaned and gently rinse the dirt and blood stains around the wound with physiological saline or water to reduce the risk of infection.

2. Ice application and cold compress treatment.In the early days after the injury, ice or cold compresses should be performed.Ice application can reduce blood vessels, reduce bleeding and swelling, while reducing pain.You can use ice packs or frozen wet towel for ice. Each time it lasts 15 to 20 minutes, repeat every 2 or 3 hours every 2 or 3 hours.Pay attention to avoid ice for too long to avoid frostbite skin.

3. Raise the affected limb promotion cycle.For the injury of the lower limbs, the affected limb should be raised to promote blood flow and reduce swelling.You can use pillows or folded towels to raise the affected limb to make it higher than the heart level.When raising the affected limb, you should ensure comfort and avoid excessive stretching or compression of the injury.

4. Fix the injury and displacement.For fractures or motion damage to joint dislocation, fixed treatment should be performed immediately to prevent further displacement of the wounded limbs.You can use bandages, gauze and other items for simple fixing to maintain the stability of the wounds.When fixed, pay attention to the moderate loosening, avoiding too much tightness that causes blood circulation to be blocked.

5. Pain relief and observation.In the process of emergency treatment, if the pain is unbearable, you can take an appropriate amount of over -the -counter medicine for pain to relieve pain.However, it should be noted that drugs are not universal, and there are side effects and contraindications. Be sure to use it according to the instructions or doctors.At the same time, we must closely observe the changes in the wounded conditions, such as worsening pain, expanding swelling, and abnormal sensation, etc., you should seek medical treatment in time.

6. Avoid hot compresses and massage.In the early stage of injury, do not use hot compresses or massage methods to deal with the wounds.Hot compresses may increase bleeding and swelling, while massage may increase tissue damage and pain.After waiting for the stability of the injury, take rehabilitation measures such as hot compresses or massage under the guidance of a doctor.

7. Do not procrastinate in time.The emergency treatment of exercise injury is just preliminary measures. Real rehabilitation requires professional medical diagnosis and treatment.Therefore, after the emergency treatment is completed, you should seek medical treatment as soon as possible to seek the help of a professional doctor.Doctors will formulate appropriate treatment plans based on injuries to help patients recover health as soon as possible.

Gu Xiaoding introduced that the Department of Rehabilitation Medical Division has certain advantages in dealing with sports injuries. As one of the treatment methods of exercise damage, physical therapy plays an important role in the treatment of acute and chronic exercise damage.At the same time, because the therapy has the characteristics of non -drug (or very small drug dosage) and non -invasive treatment, the superiority of physical therapy therapy is very obvious.The use of physical therapy methods can solve many problems in acute exercise damage.For example: Ultraviolet therapy can treat skin scratches; methamphetamine can timely swelling and hemostasis; magnetic therapy can eliminate joint swelling and effusion; physical factors to solve acute inflammation can alleviate the pain caused by acute exercise damage to a certain extent.Physiotherapy can also solve many problems in chronic exercise damage.Such as ultrasonic therapy to treat chronic motion damage of soft tissue such as muscle tendon and ligaments and prevent soft tissue adhesion; paraffin therapy to promote scarring; inter -current -current therapy, interference current therapy, and frequency current therapy in the modulation can cause motor nerve and muscle excitement and relieve pain.

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