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According to Taiwan’s “Lianhe Daily”, the e -publication system of the education department of the Taiwan authorities was suspected to be caused by the fire of the machine room for 4 days.It is impossible to send and receive, and I do n’t know if the Taiwan education department or schools have issued urgent parts, and they are all overwhelmed. Among them, Taiwan Sports University will hold a lottery meeting of the National Games National Games next week, and hundreds of official documents are delayed.Some people’s opinion representatives called for a review, and the Taiwan education department only stated that it was fully repaired.
It is reported that the electronic exchange system of the Taiwan Education Department is divided into three solutions. One is to develop a complete settlement management interface by the official document system manufacturers, which are convenient and instant and high.San Taiwan Education Department provides servers and interfaces. Free use is currently mainstream.
Taiwan University of Sports University, Taipei University, and St. John have confirmed that the system of Taiwan ’s education departments has been in the recent situation.Some schools discovered three faults on Wednesday, and immediately notified the Taiwan education department, and there was also a problem with the one or two of the plan on Sunday.Nothing, too much. “
The official document is incompetent, so that the organizer dares not to rest assured to take a vacation. As long as the system is repaired at any time, he must quickly go to the school to open a computer to send and receive official documents.In the group leader group, some schools complained that two hundred official documents were piled up online, and the timeliness cases have been delayed, and they can only be printed one by one.
Chen Tianding, director of the Taiwan University of Sports University, pointed out that the school hosted a university sports meeting in Taiwan. It is difficult to print hundreds of official documents and colleges and universities in Taiwan.The Taiwan Education Department subsidizes the teaching assistant of colleges and universities in colleges and universities, school loans, the preliminary review of the Shi Duo award, and special selection enrollment plan.bobble.
Spring vacations are coming, and many schools are worried that emergency documents are too late to deal with.Chen Tianding said that it was reported to the education department of Taiwan for many days and only responded to “understanding”. It seems that the reason can be found. Therefore, the time for the time for the time of the time for the time of Taiwan Sports University to be approved.Paper -changing.
The University of Taipei was about 2,000 per month, and the number of emergency documents was forced to delay.Huang Baoying, the main secret of St. John’s University, also said that colleagues reacted last week and were sent for paper.However, some schools have not been affected. Huaxia, Zhili, and Dawn said that they did not encounter the incompetence of electronic documents.
Ke Zhien, the “Education and Cultural Commission” of the Taiwan Legislative Agency, “Education and Cultural Commission” and “Call Committee” said that the electronic documents are very efficient. The number of daily use is huge, and the system is damaged for 4 days. The Taiwan education department cannot find out the reason.The instantaneous and accuracy of the communication between the Taiwan education department and the school is delayed. Is it overdue if the table is not delivered within the time of the table, or it should be used as a postmark?The Taiwan education department should raise improvement plans to avoid re -occurrence.
Ge Rujun, the Kuomintang, also said that the education department of Taiwan should take this opportunity to check the information services without tight screws.In February this year, the electrical room of the education department of the Taiwan Taiwan Education Department was angry. When the Taiwan education department was asked, he was nervous to understand the situation from the fire unit.Such an important thing is not dealt with well, there will be many information systems and campus security issues that are easily affected, and cannot damage the rights and interests of teachers and students due to incomplete information services.
The Taiwan Education Department responded that some of the hosts of the public document electronic exchange system were unable to log in to the abnormal situation. The maintenance announcement message was published on the homepage of the affected system. It is currently excluding abnormal restoration as soon as possible;The joint electronic exchange operations with various ministries operate normally.
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