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In accordance with the province’s rectification work style to optimize the deployment of the business environment, political and legal institutions at all levels in the province adhere to the problem orientation, and carry out special rectification on issues such as strictness, irregularity, unfairness, and uncivilized law enforcement of law enforcement.Judicial inaction, chaos, and illegal cases of disciplinary violations such as conspiracy to personal and private, to do the right, private law, and the case of people in the case of the relationship between the relationship between the relationship between the relationship between the relationship between the person who handle the relationship.The 35 typical cases are notified as follows:

Harbin City

1. Liu Bo, former second -level police officer of Dongfeng Prison, Heilongjiang Province, violated discipline.From July to September 2017, during the prison on duty, Liu Bo repeatedly brought the mobile phone into the prison area, provided to 7 prisoners, and left the duty position to call outside the supervision area.In March 2018, Liu Bo was fired and the police ranked.

2. Xu Daqing, the Executive Bureau of the Douli District Court, handled the case illegally and the avoidance of the court’s avoidance, and the shortage of short protection.In September 2017, Xu Daqing had a serious problem of violations of procedures such as illegal procedures such as freezing measures such as freezing measures, free delivery of frozen measures, non -delivery of frost and frozen rules, and overdue processing in the labor dispute of Yixing.During the supervision and office of the Party Committee of the Party Committee of the provincial and municipal levels, the Daoli District Court avoided the problem, and the short -term protection was not responsible, causing serious consequences.In 2018, Xu Daqing received one year of inspection of the party for one year, relegation, withdrawal from the amount of French officials, and exempting the judge’s position; Lu Jialu, director of the District Court Executive Bureau, was revoked by the post of full -time members of the party’s position, administrative position, and trial committee.Non -leadership arrangements, withdrawn from the amount of legal officials; He Zhibo, the leader of the disciplinary inspection team, Gao Ruiqiang, deputy director of the Executive Bureau, Wu Hongbin, Political Commissar of the Executive Bureau, Chen Ning, Director of the Supervisory Office, Sun Minghui, and Lu Yao of the case of the case of the case.The court dean Li Shaobo was severely warned by the party.

3. Li Bing’s law enforcement chaos is a problem.In March 2018, Li Bing received the party’s attitude, and the language threatened the parties that “if he did not submit an application for a postponed trial, the case would not be given the date of the court.”In March 2018, Li Bing was greatly punished by the administrative record, eliminating his position of clean government supervisors.

Qiqihar City

4. City Court of Court of Court of Court of Cases in violation of regulations.In April 2008, Wang Youwei deliberately concealed real evidence in a civil case organized by Wang Youwei and used forgery evidence as evidence of court trials, resulting in wrong cases.In December 2017, Wang Youwei was inspected by the party for a year. Liang Tiebin was a warning of the party due to his negligence of his job due to his negligence.

5. The issue of Ma Yiyang, the Court of Merris District.In December 2017, Shi Hui, a clerk of the district court, learned that the district court preserved Zhang Yulan, who had a loan dispute with her husband Wang Yan, and asked how to handle the office judge Ma Yiyang.Ma Yiyang used the convenience of his position to help Shi Hui’s husband Wang Yan established the case, participated in the judgment and mediation of the case, and preserved Zhang Yulan’s salary, provident fund, and execution funds.40,000 executions) execution procedures cannot be performed.Wang Fang petitioned to the District Supervisory Committee in March 2018.In May 2018, Ma Yiyang was not remembered.

6. Wang Jingdong, the former political commissar of the Gannan County Public Security Bureau, violated discipline and law.Before the review from February 2018, Wang Jingdong received bribes of the owner of a certain video game city three times, totaling 11,000 yuan; helping others operate the project, suspected of taking bribes of more than 100 million yuan; in 2013, in the case of spouse, live with another woman and live in living.; During organizational review, relevant evidence of relevant evidence and fighting for organizational censorship.In August 2018, Wang Jingdong was fired from the party and public office, and his suspected criminal issues were transferred to the judicial organs for treatment.

Mudanjiang City

7. Cai Yonggui and Liu Yang of the Municipal Public Security Director Security Bureau, Cai Yonggui and Liu Yang collected the “fines” of drug users in violation of regulations.In 2014 and 2015, when Cai Yonggui and Liu Yang handled drug abuse cases, they privately received a “fine” of 25,000 yuan in drug users.After Cai Yonggui received a private score with the “lineman” after receiving 19,000 yuan, Liu Yang reported to the leaders after receiving RMB 6,000, but did not submit it.In April 2017, Cai Yonggui was greatly punished by administrative records and adjusted his job; in January 2018, Liu Yang was punished by administrative records.

8. Gong Jinji, deputy director of the Xi’an District Judicial Bureau, participated in business activities in violation of regulations.From July 2016 to June 2017, Gong Jinji participated in profit -making activities illegally, and served as a shareholder of Mudanjiang Fudu Catering Company.In February 2018, Gong Jinji was recorded.

9. Zhang Peihua, former director of the Shi Yan Judicial Institute of Ning’an Judicial Bureau, uses his powers to facilitate borrowing money.On June 10, 2017, Zhang Peihua borrowed 10,000 yuan from Wang Jianming to Wang Jianming borrowed by Wang Jianming and Yang Yuyin.On September 18, 2017, Wang Jianming asked Zhang Peihua to ask his land contract disputes and asked for borrowing. The two had a mouthful and beaten on the street, causing a bad impact.After investigation, Zhang Peihua also used its powers to facilitate borrowing from multiple people.In November 2017, Zhang Peihua was severely warned within the party and revoked administrative duties.

10. Wang Weimin, former director of the Grassroots Court of Tokyo City Forestry District, law enforcement and disciplinary issues in violation of regulations.Among the five cases of the five cases such as civil lending disputes and trading contract disputes in private lending, and the illegal frozen execution of the account of Dingyuan Company’s account in illegal and frozen, the objections were not accepted in accordance with the law for a long time, and serious consequences were generated.The party’s banquet is performed together.In April 2018, Wang Weimin was sanned by administrative dismissal and withdrew from the amount of legal officials.

Jiamusi City

11. Cui Jinghu in the suburban court is inaction, slow, and chaos.In the process of handling Wang Kejie, Tan Chao, and Zhang Xuemin’s non -lending disputes, Cui Jinghu did not make a judgment of two different results of the privately -made self -made work and delivered to the parties without the support panel.The case has not been closed.In March 2018, Cui Jinghu was greatly punished by administrative records.

12. Tongjiang City Public Security Bureau’s household registration brigade police Xie Xizhong borrowed loan and missed discipline.On May 28, 2015, Xie Xizhong borrowed 200,000 yuan from Xie Mou. Due to the expiration of the loan, Xie Xizhong failed to repay in time, and was sued to Tongjiang Court by Xie.Later, he did not fulfill the obligation to repay and was forced to execute by the Tongjiang City Court to seize the frozen and frozen related property.In August 2018, Xie Xizhong was punished by a warning within the party.

13. Fu Jieyao’s private use of the Secretary of the Three Village Court of Tongjiang City Court.On September 22, 2017, Fu Jieyao’s driving license was Black DA112 police car to accompany his wife to practice a car in Tongjiang Development Zone. He was discovered and took pictures.In October 2017, Fu Jieyao was fired; Ma Yongxin, the president of the Sancun Court, was not strict with the management of official vehicles, had the responsibility of leadership, and was reported to be criticized.

14. Xue Wei, the former deputy director of Liumaohe Police Station of Hua Nan County, did not perform his duties.On the evening of February 11, 2018, Gu Guangjun encountered Zhang Dong who had a debt relationship with his debt in “Hanhui Hotel”. During the claims of the debt, the two sides had a quarrel, and then a beat. Gu Guangjun held Zhang Dong with a knife.die.During the incident, Xue Wei, who was also in the hotel, failed to discourage it in time.In March 2018, Xue Wei was revoked by administrative duties.

Daqing City

15. Municipal Court Police Qin Bo received the problem of others’ property.In September 2015, Qin Bo received 20 cigarettes sent by the applied executive entrusted lawyer in the execution case, worth 4,600 yuan.On April 23, 2018, Qin Bo will get 4,600 yuan of disciplinary income to the Municipal Supervision Commission.In July 2018, Qin Bo was remembered and was sanned, and the illegal income of 4,600 yuan was collected.

16. Jin Changhong, the former chief of the Criminal Enforcement Division of the Procuratorate of the Municipal High -tech Zone Procuratorate.In July 2014, Jin Changhong participated in the preparation of Daqing Lianyan Motor Vehicle Driving School, and was an illegal business -oriented enterprise.During the period, it was convenient to ask the oil pipe to ask the oilfield enterprise to ask for 121 oil pipes, equivalent to RMB 24,200.In November 2017, Jin Changhong was severely warned by the party and the administrative removal was dismissed, and the prosecutor’s amount was withdrawn.

17. Sun Fuchun, the head of the Campaign of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, and the police of the police, Sun Changzhi, law enforcement.On March 6, 2018, Sun Changzhi hosted a case of drunk driving motor vehicle. Due to the irregular law enforcement, not meticulous, and not active, the case was delayed for one month.In April 2018, Sun Changzhi was punished by administrative notes; Sun Fuchun was punished by administrative warnings because he was inadequate supervision and supervision.

18. The Sanhe Police Station of the Public Security Bureau of Lintian County violates work discipline.At 16:00 on March 16, 2018, there was no one in the office space of the Sanhe Police Station, and the door of the office building was locked.In March 2018, Cheng Jinghua, director of Sanhe Police Station, was punished by warning within the party.

Jixi City

19. Zhou Hui, the police of the Forensic Brigade of the Municipal Public Security Bureau of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, accepted the suspect’s money in violation of regulations.In October 2016, Zhou Hui collected He Jun’s 15,000 yuan in cash in the case of He Jun’s injury.Later, because he failed to change the appraisal conclusion and failed to return the money collected, He Jun petitioned.On December 28, 2017, Zhou Hui explained the disciplinary facts to the Discipline Inspection Commission of the Municipal Public Security Bureau and submitted violations of discipline.In January 2018, Zhou Hui was fired by the party’s serious warning and administrative downgrade.

Shuangyashan City

20. Zhang Lili, the court of Jianshan District, is not standardized in law enforcement.On August 19, 2016, Yan Xiaoming reported that Zhang Lili had law enforcement unfair law enforcement and procedure illegal procedures in the trial of the divorce case with Hao Fengzhu.It was verified that there were two procedures in the case illegal: one was not to send the parties to the parties for the second hearing for the second court.In May 2018, Zhang Lili was notified for criticism.

21. The police of Dong Chuanhai and Chi Hongbiao of the west police station of Baoqing County Town Town.On March 21, 2013, the Zhenxi Police Station’s “Decision Decision of Term Cases” made by Zhang Xianfeng was beaten by the county government security guards by the city court, and asked to re -make administrative acts.After investigation, when Dong Chuanhai and Chi Hongbiao were notified of the appraisal notice, they did not sign in the document, and there were no witnesses, and the delivery procedures were not standardized.And due to the negligence of work, the recording video of the delivery notice was lost.In June 2018, Dong Chuanhai and Chi Hongbiao were notified for criticism.

Yichun City

22. Municipal notary office staff violated work discipline.On April 11, 2018, in an unannounced visit, only one staff member at the office hall of the Municipal Notary Office served at the 2nd window, and the remaining four people gathered together at the 3rd window. During the period, the ringtone of the 1st window rang multiple times.In May 2018, Li Lingfang, the editor -in -chief of Junzhong, was punished by the administrative warning. The hired staff Yu Shaogang was talked about the notarization officer Yu Dongmei, Song Jincui, and Cheng Yuanzhang;Huang Fuqiang, deputy director of the notary office, and Guan Lihua, chief of the General Section Division, were criticized.

23. Zhai Guoqiang, a police officer of the Dongsheng Police Station of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, caused death.At 21:50 on July 15, 2018, Zhai Guoqiang’s driving license was Black F42E88 Audi A4 sedan in front of the “Axiang Barbecue” gate in Zhongwei Road, Nanyu District, and escaped after the “Axiang Barbecue” door.Rescue is invalid.After investigation, Zhai Guoqiang drove after drinking and committed the case on July 16.At present, Zhai Guoqiang was detained criminally for suspected traffic accidents.

Qitaihe City

24. The Procuratorate of the Emerging District is equipped with commuting vehicles for police officers.In the case of the police officer, the Procuratorate of the Xinxing District still equipped the police officer with commuting vehicles; on April 11, 2018, the police officer of the hospital took the commute car to get off work 15 minutes in advance.The Municipal Procuratorate conducted an investigation of this issue, requiring the party group to conduct a written inspection of the party group of the Municipal Procuratorate and the party committee at the same level, and conducted internal notifications.In June 2018, the party secretary and prosecutor of the hospital were criticized and educated.

Hegang City

25. Wang Weidong, the police of the Tiexi Police Station of the Nanshan Branch of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, took the problem of personal chaos.On April 5, 2000, Wang Weidong was commissioned by his father -in -law to help his relatives handle the replacement of household registration files and household registration books.In the case of the false situation of the household registration archives and the residential account book, it was signed on the application form of the “Resident Population Registration Form” to use the job convenience to complete the replacement of the new resident account book.In April 2018, Wang Weidong was remembered.

Heihe City

26. Wen Yong, deputy director of the Qinghua Police Station of Bei’an Public Security Bureau, worked for drinking and participating in disputes in others.At noon on July 18, 2018, Wen Yong and his friend Sun Mengjun, including Sun Mengjun, drank in the “Chef Tiber” in Bei’an.Later, Sun Mengjun, who had a dispute with others with Sun Mengjun and others to Sun Qinglai (Uncle Sun Mengjun) and others, Sun Mengjun wounded.After investigation, although Wen Yong did not participate in beating people, as a public office, he drinking and participating in other people’s disputes during working hours caused adverse social impact.In July 2018, Wen Yong was punished by administrative warning.

27. Li Wei, a assistant police officer of the Tiger Beach Police Station of the Nenjiang County Public Security Bureau, illegally charged the cost to the masses.From 2013 to 2015, when Li Wei handled his ID card replenishment and household registration business for the villagers, he illegally charged more than 2,000 yuan in illegally to the masses.Among them, more than 700 yuan is used for private vehicles (units to work in the countryside), and others are used to buy office consumables such as printer straps and paper.In April 2018, Li Wei was severely warned.

28. Shao Renxun, the president of the Sun Wu County Court along the river court, violated the issue of integrity and work discipline.Shao Renxun contributed 1.8 million yuan in 2010 to participate in real estate development projects, and his behavior violated the discipline of integrity; on April 10, 2015, he accepted and implemented an administrative penalty case applied for the county grassland supervision station that violated statutory procedures and did not perform legal duties.Violation of work discipline.In March 2018, Shao Renxun was severely warned by the party.

Suihua City

29. The Lanxi County Court Guo Mingqi violated the work discipline.In January 2015, Guo Mingqi did not handle the case in the prescribed time limit in the dispute between Dong Zhanlin and Guo Yongchen’s property damage compensation. The submission of the parties to the parties exceeded the statutory period for nearly 10 months., Issued the suspension of the ruling.In April 2018, Guo Mingqi was greatly punished by the administrative record, withdrawing from the French officials, and transferred from trial positions.

30. Li Shichen, a police officer of the Xiangfu Police Station of Hailun Public Security Bureau, did not perform his duties in place.In June 2013, when Li Shichen re -entered the party’s political review of Pan Hui, the secretary of the party branch of Xiangfu Town, did not find that Pan Hui had been sentenced to 12 years in prison by the court in October 2000 due to intentional injury and illegal holding of guns, and attached deprivation of deprivationThe fact that the three years of political rights have stamped the official seal of the police station on the political trial materials.In May 2018, Li Shichen was punished by a warning within the party.

31. Wangkui County Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Brigade of the Satellite Squadron of the Satellite Squadron of the Public Security Bureau of Wangkui CountyAt 9 o’clock on April 25, 2018, during the inspection, the satellite squadron of the Traffic Police Brigade of the Wangkui County Public Security Bureau closed.After investigation, there were 4 satellite squadron of the traffic police brigade. The Central Captain Kang Haixin did not go to work. Wu Peisheng and three others went to Helen for inspection.In May 2018, Kang Haixin was removed from the position of captain and adjusted his job.

32. Qinggang County Court’s medium and court delay.On April 19, 2018, in an unannounced visit, the people in the reception room of the Qinggang County Court were gathered.It is understood that the original defendant received the entrance ticket time at 9 am and waited for nearly 50 minutes to open the trial.After the unannounced visitor, it was pointed out that the court was officially opened at 10 o’clock.In May 2018, Zhang Hongcai, the president of the court with a responsibility of management, was warned.

33. Bai Jinghui, the former captain of the Economic Investigation Brigade of the Public Security Bureau of Qinggang County, enforce the law.In August 2017, a Jiangsu businessman invested two buildings to be built by more than 20 million yuan, which was forcibly transferred to a third party by Bi Guangchao.The parties reported to the Public Security Bureau of Qinggang County many times, but they did not accept it and did not explain the reason.On March 20, 2018, Bai Jinghui, who received the parties, said: “Your investment is not what we let you come, you don’t spend money on the Public Security Bureau, and your money is not deceived by our Public Security Bureau …” 2018In March, Bai Jinghui was severely warned by the party, eliminating the position of captain of the Economic Investigation Brigade, and was transferred to the disciplinary inspection department for investigation and punishment for suspected violation of laws and disciplines.

Daxinganling area

34. The captain of the Criminal Squadron of the Public Security Bureau of the Gagdaki District Public Security Bureau Zu Xuebin’s case of irregularly handling the case and inaction.On October 23, 2017, Zu Xuebin only investigated the criminal responsibility of the suspect Yue Kun Qiao in the case of deliberate injuries in Yue Kun Qiao, and did not pursue the administrative responsibility of the other person in a timely manner.It was not until May 2018 that three people on the other party were punished, causing a petition of Yue Kun Qiao.In May 2018, Zu Xuebin was warned and reported criticism in a global statement.

35. The Judicial Assistant of the Three Card Judicial Institute of the Homa County Judicial Bureau Li Jiangbo drinked and drove the motor vehicle without a license.At 15:40 on December 27, 2017, after Li Jiangbo drank, he had no license and the license plate was a small car with the Black P62707. When it was 160 kilometers away from the Heiluo Highway, he was seized by the police on duty.In August 2018, Li Jiangbo was punished by government affairs.

All units in various places should learn from the above cases to learn from the lessons, in turn, and strive for the abstinence, continue to take the special rectification of law enforcement judicial environment as a powerful grasp of and work targets to optimize the business environment, compact the responsibilities, refine the work to refine workMeasures, pay close attention to rectification and implementation.It is necessary to concentrate on the force to carry out tackling, to formulate rectification measures for the problems discovered, to formulate different categories, punch punch, lower medicine, and implement rectification one by one.We must seriously account for accountability, and implement a “double investigation” of individuals with outstanding problems. For units with poor promotion and obvious effects, the main leaders and supervisors are responsible.It is necessary to further investigate the lack of missing and leakage, establish a constitution, and form a long -term mechanism that dares to take responsibility, be brave to take responsibility, and effectively prevent and correct cadres’ “inaction and chaos”.It is necessary to increase the exposure, form a public opinion atmosphere that must be questioned and discipline.

Heilongjiang Provincial Deepening Organization Style Rectification Leading Group Office September 18, 2018