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On May 8th, the Weibo administrator released the “2024 Weibo” Special Action Series of Sports Rice Circle Ecological Governance “(3). The full text is as follows:
In order to create a safe, civilized and harmonious community ecological environment, and continue to do a good job of governance and guidance of platform sports rice circles, Weibo actively carried out special actions for “sports rice circle ecological governance”.In the recent discussions related to sports events, the station found that some netizens released illegal remarks such as mutual abuse and malicious attacks because of supporting different athletes, and a few users issued illegal remarks such as malicious speculation and incite confrontation on candidates for table tennis Olympic Games.The stations have resolutely hit the “chaos” of “rice circles” in the field of sports.
According to the “Weibo Community Convention” and other relevant regulations, the station has cleaned more than 12,000 illegal content involved in the sports rice circle, and @ADA_ Eel Garden,@站 站 站 站,@FEB9 Tian State Takuya, etc. 1500The remaining malicious attack athlete coaches, scolding each other, and irrational the illegal accounts should be prohibited until permanently prohibited; at the same time, the station party has accepted more than 11,000 users in the sports rice circle.Both have timely feedback the acceptance of the user and expand the investigation and cleanup according to the clues of the complaint.
In the future, the station will continue to strengthen the investigation and disposal of various sports rice circles around key links and events, and continue to do a good job of governance and guidance of sports rice circles by improving the full -process governance mechanism.At the same time, users are welcome to complain to illegal content through reasonable channels to avoid enlarging contradictions and even affect normal news communication order.The station called for focusing on the field, advocating rules, respecting players, rational speeches, and feeling the purest sports charm together, and jointly created a clear network space.
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