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In this summer’s ball market, West Ham United is one of the most profitable teams, last season’s UEFA Europa League champions in this summer to sell the core, the important coach fled, and because of the slow reinforcement, triggered the fans of the mass protest.

British media pointed out that last season’s UEFA Europa League final, West Ham United defeated Fiorentina in Prague to win the title, capturing the first European trophy since 1965. Fans went into the summer with an ecstasy they hadn’t seen in years, but then something happened that made them less able to laugh.

First, there was the departure of the centerpiece, as West Ham United sold Rice to Arsenal for a whopping price of around €116 million. The price is certainly sold well, but this also brings an unexpected trouble, other teams know that West Ham United hand holding more than 100 million, so in the Hammers want to attract reinforcements, are coincidentally choose to sit on the ground.

West Ham hold 100 million in hand but can not attract reinforcements fans fuming: after winning the European Cup want to be relegated?

But the idea of West Ham United is that the price of selling must be high, the price of buying must be lower. But this kind of “I’m the smartest in the world” idea, in this summer encountered a lot of setbacks. West Ham United wanted to bring in Southampton’s Ward-Prowse, but once the other side heard that it was West Ham coming to buy, the price they asked for (40 million pounds) was a bit higher than the other teams, leading to a delay in the progress of the deal. In addition, Harry Maguire, Scott McTominay and Connor Carragher, whom West Ham hoped to bring in, have all been slow to progress because they disliked the other side’s high bids. So far, West Ham United have still spent 0 on the ball market, which means that they currently have a negative net transfer investment of €118.6 million.

With no progress in the market, there are also problems within the team. Because of philosophical discord within the coaching staff, two important members of the coaching staff, Paul Nevin and Walberton, have left the Hammers. By the two coaches’ own admission, their philosophies favored offense, while Moyes was too conservative.

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