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On a network complaint platform, “Consumer Finance” is searching for keywords. There are nearly 160,000 complaints. The content involves violent collection, excessive actual interest, binding sales in disguiseEssence

Most of the above -mentioned complaints are consumer finance companies.With the rapid expansion of business and diversification of products, within the field of narrow consumer finance in China, my country ’s 10 trillion levels of narrow consumer finance, providers have been eliminated by traditional commercial banks, licensed consumer finance companies, and more types of platforms such as Internet micro loans. The model continues to innovate and the service target continues to sink.As an important component of inclusive finance, consumer finance is closely related to consumers. It is also an important force to empower high -quality development next. In the context of promoting consumption, it is increasingly urgent to build a benign development mechanism in the industry.

Recently, the first “Consumption Finance Summit Forum” was held in Chongqing. The first “responsible consumer finance standard” (hereinafter referred to as “standard”) released on the forum pointed out the characteristics and problems faced by my country’s consumer finance. Develop multiple indicators, and provide new guidelines for financial institutions from the dimensions of appropriate management and responsible marketing.

The forum also established the first domestic “Consumer Financial Services Alliance (Chongqing)”. The signing members include CITIC Bank, Huaxia Bank, Ping An Bank, Hengfeng Bank, Zhejiang Commercial Bank, Chongqing Rural Commercial Bank, Ant Gold, Du Xiaoman and so on. 19Home financial institutions.

Data show that as of the end of 2023, Chongqing’s financial institutions (organizations) involved in consumer consumption exceeded 80, and the scale of consumer loans increased by 30%year -on -year. Among them, the loan balance of 3 consumer finance companies accounted for 26.67%of the national consumption industry, ranking first in the country; the Internet;The balance of personal consumption loans has ranked first in the country for 8 consecutive years.

The four major issues of consumer finance need to be improved urgently

The above standards were jointly written by the research team of the Shanghai Financial and Development Laboratory and the Chongqing Supervision Bureau of the State Administration of Finance and Administration.

According to the central bank data, as of the end of 2023, the balance of domestic and foreign currency loans in my country reached 8.01 trillion yuan.Among them, the balance of resident consumption loans (excluding personal housing loans) was 1.977 trillion yuan, an increase of 9.4%year -on -year, and the growth rate was 4.7 percentage points higher than the end of the previous year.At the end of last year, 0.7 percentage points were 0.7.This also means that the scale of retail credit in my country in addition to mortgages has exceeded 40 trillion yuan.

According to the standard report data, as of the end of March 2023, my country’s narrow consumer credit balance has exceeded 1.8 trillion yuan. As of the end of December 2022, the credit card balance has approached 9 trillion yuan.

Behind this, the driving of financial technology to business development is increasingly obvious. my country ’s consumer finance business products, institutions, and service objects have all showed a diversified trend, and the model continues to innovate.But while meeting the needs of different funds, it has also spawned some problems that need to be improved.In this regard, the report mentioned four points: first, borrowing loans and excessive liabilities; second, the protection of financial consumers has become more urgent; third, structural imbalances, business coverage still needs to expand to the new subject; fourth is data security and privacy protectionBecome the point.

The report pointed out that the current credit reporting system in my country is still not perfect. Due to the lack of national credit information database, the lending record of some Internet consumer financial platforms has not been included in the central bank’s credit reporting system. It is difficult for financial institutions to identify accurately.In addition, the platform may also have over -credit after the credit reporting system is incomplete, after encountering income fraud.Coupled with the lack of direct repayment sources of consumer loans, the “borrowing new repayment” and “loan repayment” brought by excessive liabilities will also lead to the continuous accumulation of debt risks.Sustainable development with the industry.

Data security and privacy protection are also the topic of close attention of financial consumers. There are many relevant descriptions in the above platform complaints.”The general use of digital technology is to put the & lsquo; double -edged sword & rsquo;..” The report states that while technology brings convenient financial services and promotes the rapid development of consumer finance, there are also many problems in information collection and use, including consumers, including consumersThe principle of “knowledge-consent” is weakened, financial consumers’ independent choices are limited, the scope of “necessary information” collected is too wide, and “precision marketing” based on data mining can easily induce more fragile credit groups to fall into advance liabilities.Consumption trap and so on.

In addition, the report pointed out that in the process of collecting, information collection, processing, and transmission, there are also many acts that infringe on the rights of financial consumers such as information leakage and funds such as funds.Under the environment where digital technology is widely used, irresponsible consumer finance will magnify or diffuse financial risks, which may cause more wider and serious losses to consumers.

What is the “responsible consumer finance” standard?

On the basis of the above analysis, the report puts forward the “three pillar” framework system of “responsible consumer finance” from the perspective of interest -related people. First, the responsible provider (bank, consumer finance company, small loan company, and other institutions) It is necessary to provide appropriate and effective financial services; the second is that responsible supervision must improve the policy support and regulatory mechanism of consumer finance; third, responsible financial consumers must clarify the relationship between cognitive risks and benefits.The person’s responsibility and the buyer should “replace the” rigid redemption “.

Looking at the “responsible consumer finance” standard, according to Zeng Gang, the director of Shanghai Finance and Development Laboratory, the research team divided the “responsible consumer finance” standard into 5 themes and multiple indicators, and the 5 themes were society.With the environment, consumer protection, consumer promotion and improvement, digital financial business risk management, cooperative management.

“In the context of promoting consumption today, the financial health of institutions and consumers needs to pay special attention.” Zeng Gang pointed out that under the research framework, “responsible consumer finance” should pay attention toThe problems such as appropriate management, responsible marketing, and cooperative management provide guidelines.

The research team pointed out in combination with the investigation situation that many institutions have more energy in consumer protection at the level of reducing consumer complaints.Zeng Gang believes that to do responsible consumer finance, it is not simply eliminating and blocking all the problems, but through guiding the behavior of all parties to continue to improve the market environment of consumer protection, expand the scope of consumer protection, improve consumer consumersProtection quality.

According to Zeng Gang, considering the general trend of expanding the concept of social responsibility to ESG globally, and the important role that consumer finance needs to play in supporting national strategies at present, standards in the narrow “responsible finance” mainly pay attention to consumers.On the basis of the protection of equity, social responsibilities such as environmental and supporting national strategic factors have also been included in the self -discipline framework, focusing on the consistency of the development of consumer financial business and macroeconomic policy orientation, focusing on consumer finance to help consumption recovery and stimulate potential demand.

How do I practice “responsible consumer finance”?

As an important supplement to consumer finance outside the bank, consumer finance companies have developed rapidly in recent years, and the number of institutions has increased to 31 (1 newly increased in 2023).Data show that as of the end of 2022, the total assets and loan balances of the Salvation Company exceeded 800 billion yuan, with a year -on -year increase of more than 17%, and the number of customers served more than 300 million people.In the past six years, the annual compound growth rate of industry assets and loans has been more than 25%, and the compound annual growth rate of customers has been close to 43%.

Although the business size of the consumer financial market is still small, its business coverage has continued to expand, and the service customer base gradually sinks.Among them, 41.67%of consumer finance companies’ first- and second -tier cities accounted for increased proportion, 45.83%of consumer finance companies increased in third -tier and below cities.The new county customers reached 87.41 million, an increase of 11.24%over the previous year, and a total of 245 million people. The number of new county customers in 16 consumer finance companies increased from the same period of the previous year.

Under the trend of differentiated competition, the other side of a large number of complaints is the institutional exploration of “responsible consumer finance”. The direction includes actively practicing inclusive finance, advocating green orientation, strengthening scientific and technological empowerment of rural revitalization, enhancing digital windsControl ability, serving new citizen groups, and strengthening partnership management.

In terms of consumer protection that customers are most concerned about, many funding companies have incorporated the concept of consumer protection in the company’s governance system. By improving information disclosure, improving marketing/pricing/product design, etc.Service experience, multi -channel consumer education, etc.

Taking the industry’s head -of -enterprise ants as an example, according to the reporter’s understanding, the company ensures that the authenticity of funds flows to consumption through accurate credit, restricting scenarios, and providing management tools to avoid excessive consumption of consumers to consume.According to reports, Huayan’s first rational consumer management tool “Book Assistant” nationwide, providing discipline management, Hua Chao reminders, repayment recommendations and other functions to guide users to form rational habits.Later young people.

On March 18th, the revised “Administrative Measures for Consumption Finance Company” (hereinafter referred to as the “Measures”) was officially released, and new requirements were put forward on institutional registered capital, investor conditions, business scope and business rules.This also means that after the “Pilot Management Measures for Consumption Finance Companies” (released in 2009 and revised in 2023), after 10 years, consumer finance companies with new environment and new characteristics have ushered in a new stage of supervision.Affairs company faces different degrees of rectification pressure.Some market participants summarized that the company’s non -compliant companies were busy rectifying, the head companies were busy developing, and the gold medal license was further increased.

The reporter also noticed that in the current standard framework report, there are fewer quantitative evaluation indexes, and more cases are listed to present institutional practice exploration. In addition to Ant’s funding, the report also mentions the recruitment of funds, China Post, and North, North, North, and NorthSilver Gold, Ping An Gold, Haier Calling Gold, Hangzhou Silver Calling Gold, Hubei Consumer Gold, Hubei Calling Gold, Hubei, CITIC Gold, CITIC Gold, Nangyinfa Pakistan, and Central Plains Consumers’ responsible practice in different directions.It is understood that this is because the research team encountered the difficulty of data acquisition in actual research. On the one hand, it is related to the short history of the development of consumer financial institutions in my country and relatively thin accumulation. On the other hand, the degree of disclosure of the institution was different, and the standards were not uniform. There are difficulties in the horizontal display, comparison, and summary of data.