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When Marquis cleared the level, he said that he did not wear underwear and set off some skin proof of the clothes.

A woman in Ontario, a woman in Ontario, travels to the Republic of Dominica, China, and was asked to take off her clothes when she passed the security inspection in the country’s capital, but she had no other clothes in her wrap and was forced to naked.Some of the aviation industry criticize this move is unacceptable.

Berlien’s woman Natasha Marques flew from Toronto to Dominica on March 8th to Dominica on March 8.

When he arrived at Doming’s airport security inspection and customs clearance, a male security officer asked a passenger to take off his jacket. Marquis said that he did not wear underwear and set off some skin proof of the clothes.But the security officer still asked her to take off her jacket.

Marquis said, “I feel that I have no choice but to execute. Honestly, I was very afraid of being detained or punished. If I would have to stay in Dominica for a few days or even a few weeks.”

Marquis took off his jacket and covered the breasts with both hands and passed the inspection of the metal detector. At that time, she found that the man present stared at her chest. “I feel very humiliated and hurt very much.”

After returning to Toronto, Marquis complained to the Sunwing Airlines she took.

The airline said an apology to Marquis’s encounter and investigated the incident.

Global News contacted Doming’s airports to explain the incident. The problem was transferred to the National Drug Control Center and Special Airport Safety Company of the country, but the latter said that Dominini Airport has no jurisdiction over the incident and will not comment.Essence

Matthew Vaughan, head of safety in the International Aviation Transport Association (IATA), said that forcing passengers to naked naked through safety inspections are unacceptable.

He said that unless it is threatened or other reasons, passengers can be required to take off their clothes other than their jackets.

And if passengers are required to do a further security check, involve personal privacy, they should obtain the consent of passengers and provide a place that can protect privacy.