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The WNBA is soaring in popularity, with record-breaking ratings for the 2023 Finals and the addition of a new team in the Bay Area. As the league grows, more and more teams are using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance the fan experience and meet their growing needs.

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An example of this is the Las Vegas Aces, who use AI chat tools to communicate with their fans through ON’s enterprise platform.

“It’s been a breakthrough season for our platform and for the WNBA,” ON CEO and co-founder Alex Beckman told Fox News Digital.” We’ve partnered with the Aces and we’re excited to work with them and enhance their communication with fans throughout the postseason.”

Beckman added that AI chat has shown promising results this season, with fans engaging in content and ticket interactions.

“We’ve seen some amazing statistics,” Beckman said.” The WNBA team we work with has done a great job with (AI) chat. We’re seeing a 30 percent engagement click-through rate on content. As a result, one-third of the chats were opened and engaged with.

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“We’re seeing 70 percent of fans engaging with tickets. Therefore, the click-through rate for ticket-based opportunities sent to fans via chat was 70%. Typically, you’ll see the situation reversed. Content has a higher engagement rate than commercial content” opportunities. We see an important game between a WNBA fan and a team. Fans who are chatting want to be there in person, and they find that chatting is a great way to immerse themselves in the game.

The use of AI by WNBA teams signals the league’s growing sophistication and commitment to delivering a first-class fan experience. As the league continues to expand, AI may play an even greater role in its success.

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MLS Football Jersey