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In the community, there are gyms and doorsteps to play basketball, and you can see the beautiful scenery of the Qiantang River along the fitness green road … In recent years, the construction of Xiaoshan style facilities has been “continuously overturned” to continuously improve the experience of city sports facilities to benefit the people.Innovation has solved the problem of “where the mass movement goes”.In 2023, Xiaoshan District was selected as an excellent horse racing area in Hangzhou embedded stadium facilities. Xianghu Sports Park and Ning Football Park were rated as the iconic results of the construction of embedded stadium facilities in Hangzhou.

According to the latest statistical survey of the Xiaoshan District Stadium Stadium Stadium, in 2023, there were 6,253 stadiums in Xiaoshan District, an increase of 648 compared with the previous year, with a growth rate of 11.56%.10,000 square meters, a growth rate of 7.14%; the per capita stadium area is 2.62 square meters, an increase of 0.14 square meters, with a growth rate of 5.65%.

The number of stadiums (division of sports) units:

Where do the Xiaoshan people move?

Let’s take a look together!

Field of fitness venues is rich

In Qianjiang Century City Sports Park, free open basketball courts, badminton courts and table tennis tables are full of popularity every day.This is an embedded stadium under the high -speed rail bridge. It uses idle space to provide more high -quality fitness hardware conditions for nearby people.Since opening, the average daily passenger flow has reached 400 or five hundred people.

“The park is trendy, the facilities are abundant, and we are close to home. After get off work, we often come about a few boys who play basketball together to ease the pressure of work.” Mr. Xu, who lives in Genesis, said.

In 2023, our district fully excavated the stock resources of the idle space in the city, increased the supply of supply venue facilities, enriched the type of fitness venue, and met the diverse and fitness needs of the masses.According to statistics, in addition to the well -known track and field, swimming pool, football fields, basketball courts, volleyball courts, table tennis stadiums, badminton courts, there are also 2,588 national fitness paths, 308 gym and 515 fitness trails in the entire district.

Walking on the third phase of Xianghu Lake, the green road is flat and safe, and the lake is beautiful. People are in painting and the scenery is on the road.This fitness greenway connects the scenic spot landscape, including the speed measurement system, AR treasure hunting, AR barrage, fluorescent trails and other applications, and supporting facilities such as runners’ stations, runners shower, etc.Essence

Not only that, the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center Comprehensive Training Pavilion Basketball Court, Wenyan Street Sports Park, Xianqian Town West Xiajiang Fitness Trail, Jinyi Jinji Community Gym … In XiaoshanThe sports venue is “blooming more”, which has quietly improved the happiness of many citizens.

The construction of urban and rural stadiums is in handy

From urban sports parks to rural cultural squares, from large stadiums to the fitness trails in the community, now, the “10 -minute fitness circle” in the urban and rural areas of Xiaoshan District has basically formed.

In this regard, Mr. Li, who lives in Beigan Street, has a deep understanding.As an office worker, Mr. Li often went to the people in the community to move in the community after get off work. He took his wife and daughter back to his hometown tower with his wife and daughter on the weekend to experience a different kind of rural sports life. Get up the square dance, the guy exercises on the basketball court, the elderly and children use fitness equipment to stretch their bones. “

According to the latest data, the construction of urban and rural stadiums in our district shows a good development trend.In terms of urban and towns, Xiaoshan District has a total of 5078 stadiums, accounting for 81.21%of the total venue.This data shows that the enthusiasm of urban residents for sports is high, and the government is constantly promoting the construction of sports facilities, providing a sufficient fitness space for citizens.

In terms of rural areas, in terms of quantity, there are 1,175 stadiums, accounting for 18.79%of the total venue. Although there are fewer than the number of cities and towns, they play a role that cannot be ignored in promoting the national fitness of the country.The opportunity is increasing.

Next, Xiaoshan will further increase the investment in the construction of the stadium, improve the construction of public cultural and sports facilities, improve the venue utilization rate, and continue to upgrade the “10 -minute fitness circle” to continuously meet the cultural life needs of the people.

Reporter: Tong Yuqian

Correspondent: Ma Yiting Summer Establish

Data: District Rong Media Center

Original title: “Xiaoshan 6253!Sports and leisure at the door!”

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