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Build an educational power, and the base point is in basic education.Yiliang County, Zhaotong City, Yunnan Province, continued to promote the improvement of compulsory education schools, and actively implemented the construction of compulsory education school district system management, basic education group running schools, urban and rural compulsory education schools, and introduced high -quality private education resources such as Tianli Education to do a good job.The schools of “Home Door” have three years of action plan for high -quality development in Yunnan Education.Since the first school of Tianli School in Yiliang County in September 2019, five years have been run in school, there are 60 teaching classes, with a number of students of 2,530 students. The students have spread throughout the counties and districts of Zhaotong City.

Yiliang Tianli School takes the responsibility of helping Yi Liang’s “Education Strong County”, implementing the concept of running a school in Tianli Education “Education for the Party, Nourishing for the National Education”, and practicing the educating people who “stand in the ethics and the five education”.The goal, with the original core curriculum system as the starting point, has developed the cultivation model of “seven core literacy”, and has opened more than 50 diversified interesting elective courses in the elementary school, junior high school, and high school in the school district to promote the diversified and enforcement of students and diversification into talents.Essence

Zheng Lei, secretary of the Yi Liang County Party Committee, affirmed the achievements of Tianli School.He said that Tianli School should adhere to “diversified schools, educate people in all directions”, and build a new highland for Yi Liang’s basic education.

Thanks to the implementation of the “Measures for the Management of Yiliang County Education Team Management”, “Measures for the Enhancement of the Comprehensive Comparative Quality of Yiliang County Education Team”, “Yi Liang County Backbone Teacher Management Evaluation Plan”, and the Tianli Education Group’s high -quality teacher teamBuilding, Yiliang Tianli School currently has 332 faculty members, including 199 full -time teachers, solving the employment problems of 218 people in Yiliang County and 114 outside the county.

Adhering to the “scientific education” educational concept and actively grasping the wave of development in the times, Yi Liang Tianli School relying on the new format of “technology + education” to further benefit more students and families.Private education benchmark schools provide a reference, reference, and learning school -run experience and education concepts, so that more high -quality students have gradually shifted from “running out” to “flow back”.

Yiliang County promotes the high -quality and balanced development of basic education, effectively solve the “county’s dilemma” in high school education, and allow children to enjoy better and more fair education.Yiliang Tianli School actively assumes corporate responsibilities. For students in difficulties in life, it has greatly reduced some tuition fees, living expenses, accommodation fees, etc. A total of approximately 162.98 million yuan (2022-2023) to fund disabled children, orphans and outstanding high school graduates.At the same time, the opposite school helps the brother school in the county, implement the spirit of “10,000 enterprises to help and thousands of villages”, and help Yujiao Village in Kujiakou Town, regularly send teaching, condolences to difficult people, and donate 200,000 yuan in school uniforms to Yulin Township.Help Yiliang County’s three -year action plan for high -quality education, and continuously improve the satisfaction and happiness of the masses for education.President Zhou Xianyou said: We came with our mission, and we will spare no effort to practice the concept of Tianli’s education quality education, and use excellent school scores to give back to the party and the people’s expectations for us.

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