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Zheng Zujie, director of the National Development and Reform Commission, said at the China Development High -level Forum held from March 24th to 25th of the 2024 Annual Meeting that China cultivates and develops new productive for new quality and promotes high -quality development.Traveling with opportunities, investing in China can win the future.

Zheng Zujie pointed out that in the past year, China’s economy has been steadily growing, regulating structure, increasing energy, risk prevention of rolling rocks, climbing overlap, and showing the characteristics of rising growth, optimal structure, and improvement of quality.With new results, the economic structure adjustment has taken a new step, and the cultivation of economic momentum has achieved new breakthroughs.From the perspective of this year’s economic operation, as the macro policy continues to make efforts, China’s economic opening is good, the production is stable and rising, and the demand continues to recover.Economic and social development is mainly expected.

Zheng Zujie believes that China’s cultivation and development of new productivity and promotion of high -quality development will provide domestic and foreign investors with unlimited possible market opportunities and extremely broad development prospects.First, the Chinese market provides massive demand.Diversified high -end consumption demand of Chinese residents has increased day by day. New industrialized urbanization, equipment renewal, and consumer goods have brought huge market demand for the comprehensive transformation of the new and energy consumption dual -controlling carbon emissions dual control, creating huge dividends for Chinese and foreign enterprises.Second, Chinese manufacturing stabilizes global supply and demand.China has the most complete industrial system in the world, complete soft and hard infrastructure, rich human resources, improved innovation capabilities, rich application scenarios, and can respond rapidly to global supply and demand changes with large -scale advantages and cost advantages.Whether it is the upper and lower reaches of the industrial chain, or labor -intensive, technical dense, capital -intensive industries, or traditional industries, emerging industries, and future industries, they can find ideal partners in China.Third, China’s innovation and creation and huge business opportunities.China is promoting deep -level reforms, high levels of openness and all -round innovation, accelerate the construction of a modern industrial system supported by advanced manufacturing, and promotes the transformation of new and old momentum. New market demand, new investment opportunities, new cooperation projects will be large numberThe emergence of emergence provides a broad space for various types of enterprises to achieve mutual benefit and win -win and common development in China.