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Reporter Zeng Yiwei

In today’s society, with the acceleration of the rhythm of life and the increase in work pressure, people’s demand for leisure methods is also evolving.In recent years, a new type of leisure method called Staycation has gradually entered the lives of young people, becoming their unique weekend experience.Like Citywalk, this way of traveling with relaxation is gradually favored by young people.

The term Staycation has risen in European and American countries. The translation is a home vacation, that is, the vacation method that gives up long -distance travel and only rest at home.In recent years, many young people like to list high -end hotels as the first choice for Staycation. They do not pursue online celebrities, and do not make up the lively attractions. As long as you choose a comfortable five -star hotel nearby, you can meet the needs of high -quality vacations.Such hotels usually contain hot springs, high -altitude bars, and gyms, so they will not feel bored even if they are “not leaving”.The fresh and strange experience is no longer pursued by such people, and they want to get real relaxation and rest in this way.

At the same time, LOFT that can cook makes Staycation more attractive.In this environment, young people can freely play their cooking skills, experience the fun of cooking, share food with friends, and create a warm and happy atmosphere.This intimate social experience not only makes people feel happy, but also enhances interpersonal relationships, deepening the emotional bonds between each other.

Wang Zhiyu is a second student from Shandong University of Science and Technology.A post she shared on the social platform about what we do on the weekend has attracted the attention of many netizens.She will find a LOFT with her friends on Wednesday, buy drinks, vegetables, and fruits on Saturday morning, choose a movie she wants to watch, and then spend a beautiful weekend in LOFT.

“Sometimes I live in myself and sometimes live with good friends. Let’s cook together to watch movies together. I want to sleep when I want to sleep.” Wang Zhiyu told reporters, “This feeling is like two days away from the world.The short -term life of the monotonous will make me feel very relaxed.

Some netizens said: “The difference between home and homes and home homes is that the degree of romantic atmosphere and self -efforts are unusual.”

It can be seen that there are many reasons for young people to choose Staycation.First of all, Staycation provides a relaxed and comfortable leisure way, allowing them to relax on the weekend and get rid of the pressure in work and life.Compared to busy travel and long journey, choose to stay near your home or choose a local hotel to allow young people to spend the weekend more easily and enjoy leisurely time.

In addition, Staycation can satisfy young people’s desire to pursue relaxation and escape daily life.Over the weekend in a familiar environment, so that they can better relax themselves and enjoy the peaceful time.Far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Staycation allows young people to re -adjust their rhythm of life, re -examine their own life, and find their inner peace and harmony.

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