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Modern women’s requirements for their own image seem to be getting higher and higher.At the moment when aesthetic consciousness is generally awakened, it can only be said that it can only be said to be played normally. Under this premise, the fashionable fines walking at the forefront of aesthetics are still pursuing their appearance.Among all quality, high -level aura and sense of fashion are the extra points that every woman is desired.

This is not because women are born with confidence, and they are lazy and lazy, just to dress up for intentional picky.On the contrary, women who have a sense of fashion are just a smart woman who is sober and knows to use external elements to add points to themselves.

The fast -paced life pollutes people’s patience. No matter how interesting the soul wants to have a collision, it must start from the first glance.The image with a sense of fashion is almost equivalent to the sophisticated life and the taste of taste in external languages, so it is easier to make people feel good.

There are many sources of fashion, and you can do it without exaggerated dressing.The content you want to share with you in this issue is to avoid the specific details of rustic and rural areas in daily life.In fact, it is not difficult to do every detail, and more or less women who are seriously executed can benefit from it.Five details that enhance the sense of fashion. Women who can do half of them do not show the soil. Let’s take a look together ~

Women who do n’t love beauty and do n’t go into mind will not take the initiative to come in to read this article, so let ’s exclude the rustic look because of“ not dressing up ”.The “rustic” problem that everyone usually encounters is likely to be caused by “excessive dressing.”

Although the results of the search engine are not accurate, it can also reflect the more universal results. When I use the search engine to retrieve the “rustic” entry, everyone guess which star I have found?I am embarrassed, it is Wu Xuanyi.

Before, she was searched because of rustic shapes, and some netizens even commented that she always felt the feeling of putting big names out of the ground.

In terms of mind, Wu Xuanyi’s appearance is definitely not rustic, and the small features are very delicate.But her private clothes always can’t help but want to vomit, because the reason is herElement is too fullIt is not even dazzling.

Without choice ideas, all elements that can become highlights become vague background boards, and cannot play a positive modification role of trendy elements.

It is very likely that Wu Xuanyi chooses this shape because of his sweetness and lively, but the female star with this style is not only her.Most of them appear as positive demonstrations.

It is also a cool tide brand, and Ouyang Nana has no feeling that the element is full. First of all, because she knows how to use the dark system to suppress the restlessness of the large area.The second is that her styling highlights are only one or two, so there will be no too noisy feeling.

Since we need to avoid exquisite rustic sense, then naturally someone will think, just need to be more pure and clean?There is no problem in the overall direction, but it is not enough.

If the outline of the clothing is messy, no matter how good it is to do other places, how expensive the clothes are, it will still give people a rough feeling that does not repair.

ThisThe messy feeling is not caused by stackingEssenceWe can see that many fashion bloggers have obviously wearing a lot of items, but they still feel very capable and refreshing because their clothing contour is kept well. There is no obvious folds and indentation.With the color system one, it is easy to create an overall harmonious aura.

Pure color items are conducive to maintaining the tidy outline, But excessive modification elements will break this sense of condensation.For example, some girls like the court wind wearing and wear, and when wearing a coat, they are used to adding elements such as net yarn, lace, doll collar.There is no ideal texture in the ideal.

In wearing, accessories may be the best details.Sometimes we can meet some women who are very delicate on the street, but if you go into account, you will find that their clothes are not unique, all of which are basic models, and the only difference is that they are their.The accessories are very attentive, so it looks more fashionable than the people around.

The very popular Sanmu blogger is proficient in accessories, and likes to use the two accessories of hats and bags to increase the sense of atmosphere of dressing.

The simpler approach is to add a texture watch.Because compared with other accessories, the watch can not only exist as the focus, but also implies the inherent quality such as time, efficient, and paying attention to life, which can improve a person’s temperament.

The content shared earlier is dressed and matched. For humans who look at the face, the details of the face cannot be ignored, and the eyebrow distance is the key.

Why is it important between eyebrows?This is a summary of life experience. You can recall those who may have rustic problems around them. Most of them have problems with too narrow eyebrows.

There are many ready -made examples in the stars.Looking at Zhao Liying, who is Baozi’s face and star eyes, the comparison of her two styles, who is rustic and fashionable, can immediately identify it.

The credit of the rustic sense is mainly on the shape of the eyebrow.In fact, her eyebrows have no major changes. The key lies in the change of thickness, and the eyebrow distance pulled by the eyebrows after the eyebrows are thin, which enhances the exquisite sense of her facial features at the same time.

Of course, the eyebrows are too wide, or the eyebrows are too narrow, which is easy to lower the value.However, in real life, people who look rustic because of the narrow eyebrows will be more blunt than those who look too wide and look blunt, so it is more noteworthy.

And the advanced faces that everyone sees, like Ni Ni and Liu Wen, their eyebrow distances are relatively wide, so that they can reflect a stretching state, and the calm air field can help enhance the sense of fashion.

The last point mentioned that it has always been ignored, but its importance is no less than the previous 4 items:Stretching the tall body has a great relationship with a person’s sense of fashionEssence

Regarding body training, we may hear more that we may have to look up, hold our chests, and sink, so as to make ourselves stand upright.However, this kind of training is carried out in private, not displayed in front of people.

This view may be compatible with common sense, but it is not difficult to understand carefully.Because if there is no muscle memory brought about by long -term training, this pretending posture can easily make people look stiff.

The fashion queen Yang Mi had such problems in the early days.Every inch of her skin seems to be working hard, but it feels very tight and can’t talk about fashion at all.

The impact of posture on fashion should be understood from the spiritual core of fashion.Rather than saying that fashion is a trend, it is better to say that it is an attitudeEssence

Regardless of whether to admit it, the fact is this: those who are more confident and more stretched, even if they wear the same clothes as others, they will look more fashionable.And if your body is tight, even if you are all around and high, you will inevitably be said to be rustic.Zhao Liying ate a lot because of her nervousness.

There are also positive cases, such as the fixed blanket needle of the red carpet, Zhong Chuxi.Seeing her 13 -year -old photos of the event, the dresses at that time may not be trendy today, but this does not prevent us from feeling that she is full of aura, and it is not inferior to her.

Her aura comes from just the right sense of each part.For example, her waist often has a certain tilt, allowing her body to show S -shaped, and her arm stretches out, and rarely makes unconfident moves such as inserting waist.

If you have determined that your style is decent and appropriate, as long as you relax your self -confidence, many people will convince you.

Well, this issue of the five details about improving the sense of fashion are shared here. The fashionables can come and see how many of them have done.

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