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There are too many popular styles this year, what old money style, quiet luxury style, Merraid style, etc.

In the face of so many styles, do you don’t know which one to choose to wear?

In fact, it is popular and must be suitable for you. Only when you wear the right and your favorite can you look more fashionable and beautiful.

Next, I will share with you intellectual wind wearing. Recently, it is popular. I want to wear it like this!

What is intellectual style?

I believe that many sisters are not familiar with this year’s popular intellectual style?In fact, this style is a combination of fashion+books.

Gives a sense of simplicity and comfort, and a little literary and casual feeling.


Many people often feel that simple wind and intellectual style are the same, but the overall lines of simple wind are neat and tough, and the colors are mainly black and white and gray.

The intellectual style, the lines are relatively soft, the hue is mostly warm, warm, and a little cold.

Create a single product required for intellectuals

1. Shirt

If you want to create a popular intellectual wearing this fall, the items such as shirts are indispensable. Striped element shirts have a little bit of artistic atmosphere.

White shirts+plaid vests, such wearing not only looks very fashionable, but also shows French romantic and elegant. The overall seems to have the taste of intellectual style.

The simpler the more fashionable, the white shirt+black pants, this set of color matching is very fashionable, with a capable temperament.

Light blue shirts, like white, are very refreshing and clean. When wearing, the collar is unbuttoned and created the shape of the V -shaped neckline, which can lengthen the neck lines.

In the autumn, choose a sweater+shirt to wear it, which is well guaranteed to wear the temperature and make you look more fashionable and reduce age. It is quite the taste of intellectuals.

2. vest

This old -fashioned intellectual style, do you like it?The color matching is mainly brown and white. The upper body uses stacking, which can increase the sense of layering. This way of wear is more fashionable.

Do n’t say much about how hot this year’s suit vest is?If you want to create an intellectual style, it is also indispensable for a vest. It can be stacked with various tops.

Belief shirts, shirts or T -shirts can be worn, and you can wear a sense of fashion without effort.

Intellectuals with a little cold sense, hollow design vest, plus a touch of rice gray, combined with blue shirts, harmonious and book gas.

This body is really very suitable for autumn and winter. It is warm and a little small. The coat is stacked with a vest+bottoming shirt. It is warm enough in the cold season.

French atmosphere, lazy afternoon, let go of yourself. The strong knitted vests stacked with blue striped shirts, and the lines are revealed by the lines, and you have a fashionable intellectual style.

3. suit jacket

The fashionable and atmospheric British intellectuals are really worth learning from each set. Every set is worthy of reference. It is fashionable and fashionable, simple, intellectual and elegant.

This set of atmosphere of intellectual style is very suitable for daily commuting. The upper body uses the stacking method, shirt+vest+suit jacket. These items are needed by creating intellectual style.

There is a middle and long half -body skirt with a classic denim style, which makes the whole dress a little more youthful and age -reducing the effect.

It looks very literary and artistic, the intellectuals are full of style, and the loose silhouette suit jacket has a good tolerance for the figure, thin and casual.

The brown is really suitable for autumn and winter. The brown suit jacket is full of atmosphere and combined with the grid pleated skirt. The overall effect looks a little bit of literary knowledge.

Retro intellectuals have a lot of fire recently. Literature and retro and elegance are only needed. They can be casual and commute. The combination of suits and pleated skirts looks elegant.

The upper and lower colors are consistent, reducing the error rate, and it can also create a sense of fashion and high -level sense. Wearing white socks on the feet, it is easy to increase the sense of shape.

4. Middle half skirt

This set of intellectual books rolls, with a sense of atmosphere. The blue shirt is stacked with a gray sweater, and the classic retro and age reducing age.The lower half -skirt with Khaki pleated, really interpret the intellectual style to the extreme.

It is very suitable for autumn and winter. The gray match is always self -presented, with some cold color matching.

Try to wear the popular intellectuals this year, put on the white socks, and the classic suit pleated bird shoes, and then the atmosphere is full.

Well, this is here for the intellectuals that I shared with you today. Thank you for reading your little fairy.In addition, there are any problems that do not understand in matching. You can leave a message and comment below.

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