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Hi!I am Xiaofeng!Share fashion knowledge daily, follow me, start a fashion journey, let us become beautiful together!

As we get older, we have diluted some things.I also learned to relax myself, but pursuing a fast rhythm.The way of life is the same, as well as dressing.

No longer staring at the fashion trend, nor is it necessary to change new clothes every quarter.Do subtraction for your own wardrobe, and use clever combination to achieve the new effect of old clothes, which is the decentness of 40+ women.

Suggestion: 40+ don’t wear too hard!

What is too hard?It is a very tight and deliberate concave shape.At the age of 40+, our dressing should be stretched, confident, low -key, and peaceful.

Reject too hard matching, use comfortable, natural, elegant style to express yourself.For example, basic shirts, high -waisted skirts, small high -heeled single shoes, just wear it exquisite and decent.

Minimalist wind high -level resistance, more temperament

At the age of 40+, you must learn to subtract your wardrobe.At the same time, you also need to control your material desires, not all good -looking clothes have to be included in the pocket.

It is the perfect that suits you.40+ women’s dress should be generous, decent, simple, and decent.Striped bottoming shirts or white sweater can be worn with suit pants, simple and boring.

I’m old, don’t wear too old -fashioned

Although the age of 40+, we are required to dress with a decent, neat and conciseness.But while choosing a minimalist style, don’t be too hard.

If your dress style is too simple, it is easy to look old.We can choose the plain color system, but we must be embellished with high waistline, small dew skin, accessories and other details, otherwise it will be too boring to wear.

Choose decent clothes, simple and temperament

Although you choose a minimalist style, you must not wear too low -key.We can try to choose more stylish clothing, such as a wide suit jacket, straight jeans, shirts with bones and bones, and so on.

Daily leisure, or work to work, and want to be more outstanding in your temperament.We are directly paired with a loose and stylish suit jacket with high -waisted straight nine -point pants.The nine -point pants exposed the ankle, creating light beauty for the overall dress.

These matching templates are worthy of repeated selection

White shirt+jeans/denim skirts

Shirts and denim seem to be an inseparable combination.When a refreshing white shirt, when you meet youthful denim, there are always a generous and stylish beauty.

Loose white shirts, seemingly simple styles, can wear a different atmosphere.The loose white shirt is stacked with a white T -shirt. It is a combination of neutral wind as a thin coat. With a high -waisted denim skirt, it is exquisite and age -reducing.

V -neck top+straight body skirt/straight pants

The loose V -neck top is very relaxed and generous.Even a woman with a little plump figure can control this relatively loose V -neck top.

The loose V -neck top can choose a thinner fabric in spring.We match the slim -fitting straight skirt or straight pants, which can outline the effect of upper Panasonic.Especially the combination of straight tube small black pants will be more modified and thinner.

A sharp suit+belt

If you want to improve your temperament, we will choose some sets to match daily.For example, the Tibetan blue shirt+suit pants is a very high -level and very aura combination.

To enhance the sense of fashion, we can decorate with belts.Black or brown belt/belt can modify the waist lines and optimize the proportion of legs.The embellishment of the belt improves the fashion atmosphere for the overall dress.

White T -shirt+straight body skirt

A set of simple and durable combinations, 40+ women are worthy of repeated choices.Basic white T -shirts will not be out of date, and they will be more refreshing.

We use a white T -shirt to pair with a high -waisted straight body skirt, which is simple and clear combination, which is particularly generous.The white T -shirt in spring and summer will always bring us different surprises.

— End

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