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First, if I do not do well enough, please say it, don’t get sick, I won’t change anyway.
Second, there are many stories, I just don’t want to tell you, my spiritual wine is also very hot, but I don’t want to drink with you.
Third, the truth understands, things are clear, and the thoughts are quite personal.
Fourth, if you can’t get off the order, let yourself get rid of poverty.You can’t never have no one around you, and there is no money in the card.
Fifth, don’t be greedy for meaningless people and things.
6. Time will not really help us solve any problems. It just becomes no longer important.
Seven, growing up, you must learn to face calmness.
8. For the rest of your life, you do n’t have to be stubborn, you do n’t have to lie. Those who love you can understand your appearance.
In nine or thirty years, Hexi, 30 years of Hedong, will never look down on anyone. People you look down today may be the god you can’t afford to make it tomorrow.
10. Don’t just break the sincerity of others, Feng Shui turns, who do you see Cangtian?
11. Little Huang people do not wear strap pants on their shoulders, and wearing glasses without ears. Don’t complain about your shortcomings of your world.
Twelve, politeness and education are not only dry and polite, but also thoughtful and considerate pushing themselves and people.This test is not only emotional quotient, but also your kindness.
Thirteen, even if this world is disappointed, there is a beautiful thing that grows secretly.
Fourteen, growth, no longer use a horizontal heart to touch the world, but began to talk to the world in a soft way.
15. If you are too fat, you can exercise positively and improve your diet if your skin is not good. If the facial features cannot change, you can change your temperament. If you do n’t know how to dress, you should never stop yourself.
16. We are all adults. There is no need to fight, just die.
17. Three truths of life: Violence can really solve everything, handsome can really be eaten as meals, and money can really do whatever you want.
18. In this era of affection, a “dear” and “at best, it’s hello, one sentence” next time I invite you to dinner “at most than thank you, why too serious.
Nineteen, people have endless ways in their lives, drinking wines, and endless songs. You cannot predict the future, but you can live freely and freely.
Twenty, I hate each other if they are not used to it. This is also an ideal interpersonal relationship. At least anyone does not have to pretend to be.
2. There are many important people and things around you. Everything on the world is worth it. It is not worth your sadness and sadness. The story is still long. Don’t be disappointed.
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