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Adhering to exercise is good for physical and mental health.Many friends have a healthy body because of their hard work.Some friends, for various reasons, are unable to act.After all, the exercise is really: too tired!

What are the benefits of insisting on exercise?Today we will give you a wave of chicken blood.


“I have run for 5 years and dropped from more than 160 pounds to 120 pounds. The hypertension, moderate fatty liver, and weight of your body are gone.”


Exercise is one of the most active and effective ways to prevent obesity. It can not only help control weight and improve physiological functions, but also prevent weight rebound and reduce chronic diseases related to obesity.

In addition, adherence to regular exercise can also improve cardiovascular function and vascular elasticity, reduce blood pressure, reduce inflammatory factors, regulate blood lipids, reduce risk of cardiovascular disease, effectively prevent cardiovascular disease, and promote the recovery of patients with cardiovascular disease.

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“The biggest touch that I insist on exercise is that I feel energetic every day, and life and work become very easy.”


The regular movement is good for brain health. It can not only cause good emotional and state reactions, but also reduce the release of inhibitory neurotransmitters, delay central fatigue, thereby making life more pleasant and easier for work.

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“I insisted on running for three months, and my body fat fell from 30% to 17%. Now I can clearly see the abdominal muscles, and people have a lot of lightness. I still have to refuel and strive to make myself stronger and healthier.”


Aerobic exercise belongs to the body where the body is performed in the process of exercise, and the oxygen consumption and absorbing oxygen are flat.Long -term and medium -intensity exercise can increase fat consumption in the body, which is an ideal fat reduction method.

Three steps, easily master moderate strength aerobic exercise:

1. Calculate the maximum heart rate: maximum heart rate = 205.8-age X0.685

2. Calculate medium -intensity exercise heart rate: medium strength exercise heart rate = 64%~ 76%*Maximum heart rate

3. Bring heart rate monitoring equipment to control exercise heart rate in the medium intensity range


“After persisting in exercise, sleep is very good, you can enter deep sleep.”


Exercise can cause the brain to secrete endorphin, improve the individual’s pleasure experience, release the inner anxiety and pressure, and improve sleep.Moderate fatigue of exercise can also shorten sleep time, deepen sleep depth, and improve sleep quality.

Exercise helps to sleep, but it should be avoided 3 to 4 hours before bedtime, otherwise it is likely to have the opposite effect.

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There are so many benefits of exercise, the above is just the tip of the iceberg.After reading it, can you still sit still?

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